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Holiday Book-ish Haul

Yesterday was meant to be my 2020 wrap-up, but, the charging cord gods said no, and now here I am, without a post for Monday on the first of the new year, but, I’ll just try and ignore that. [You can’t tell but I’m twitching here at the thought of being off schedule lol]

So I’m going forward with today’s post and we’ll do a yearly wrap-up when I have a proper cord again lol.

Time for me to share what I got during the holidays!

**A lot of these were bought in sales right before/after Xmas and the New Year as well as just bought used, I could not afford all these things full price, but also…**

**You don’t need to spend money to be a book blogger, so don’t let this haul affect your opinion on that, you’re valid as long as you enjoy reading!**

Book Mail

Caraval Special edition w/slip cover

I got the special Caraval edition because who doesn’t need more editions of books they like? -insert deadpan stare here- but also I used my bday money to get it so I don’t feel as guilty lol.

I got my Owlcrate edition of How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories and it was pretty, I loved the artwork and the teal! But…because I’m super bad at buying multiple editions these days…

Here’s the Fairyloot edition as well! I actually preferred this one even though it wasn’t signed, I liked the UK’s thicker pages and the gilded edges were so pretty! Also, PURPLE. PURPLE

Owlcrate teal cover of HtKoELtHS on the left and the Fairyloot purple cover on the right

And now here are the pretties together, Owlcrate and it’s teal mojo on the left in the pic and purple gilded Fairyloot glory on the right!

This is the Rainbow Crate edition of The Magic Fish which I adored reading the eARC of, I scored it in their fantastic Black Friday sale, and my spawn loves it too ❤

Also, this beauty came in, it’s the Waterstones edition of A Sky Beyond The Storm and it’s purple edges were too fabulous for me to pass up!

Bookish Mail

My preorder pins I forgot to show before, so, here, we get them in the holiday haul post lol

Blissfully Bookish, Novel Threads Spin the Dawn dress enamel pin

I already showed this off but wanted to show it off again, it’s the Blissfully Bookish, Novel Threads, Spin the Dawn dress pin! LOOK HOW PRETTY

I also splurged on this pin on the Black Friday sale from Chiqui Creates! Another to add to my Caraval collection!

Grabbed this pin from the Angela Animates because it’s so cute and I already want to reread Serpent & Dove just looking at it

The Catching Fire pin from Dust and Pages, scored this during the Black Friday sale as well, and I’m always wanting more Hunger Games merch

What did I just say about Hunger Games merch? Lol I got this from Iron and Ink


H.P. Lovecraft Collection

My Niece got me this and it’s a very pretty edition, I did like how the intro didn’t shy away from calling out Lovecraft on his racism, phobias, and other prejudices, it was nice to see it addressed from the start.

The Golden Girls Cookbook

This was a present from my Nephew and hands down it has been one of the best presents I’ve gotten, like, ever! Haha I’m so obsessed with them and not to mention the recipes are actually super cool! I already made the Swedish meatballs out of Rose’s section of the book!

Children of Blood and Bone, Reaper Purple Edition

Another absolutely gorgeous book! I couldn’t help but want this one lol and I was lucky enough that the hubs got it for me, though he’s probably rolling his eyes as I just keep wanting books XD still, I didn’t know these editions existed and now I need them all but really I don’t so I’ll probably have to be super content with this pretty Reaper edition of Children of Blood and Bone

Bookish Presents

A House of Salt and Sorrows pin I’ve been wanting! Angela Animates has so many pretty pins and it’s so hard to find HoSaS stuff ❤

I also received the Caraval dress and tag chain but I forgot to take a picture, so here’s the link to it below!

Caraval inspired Dress and Tag Chain Enamel pin

'Dirt Child' on a planet bordered by petals, Aurora Rising enamel pin

The last of my bookish presents, and I was really excited to get this pin inspired by Aurora Rising, I’d had my eye on it for about a year. Hubs got me this off of Pinned with Starlight’s Etsy page.

Book Buys!

I got a few of these with a gift card and the others in a sale, I was super psyched to finally get I Killed Zoe Spanos and was completely surprised by the blue edges! The Black Flamingo had also been on my wishlist forever, haha a couple were impulse buys but I have no regrets!!

And finally my ‘thrift store finds’ of 2020, the year where I didn’t really go out to shops to buy used books lol. I totally had to get the Atlantis one, lol you try and not buy a book with that title.

And there we have it! My Holiday Book-ish haul, you’ll be seeing a few of these photos used on my insta, but I really want to remind everyone that this haul is not about how much money someone can spend, get spent on them, this is also like books I may have preordered through out the year to go to the US and my family sends me them along whenever there are enough to fill up the box they’ll take to the post office.

Buying no books, getting none, that’s perfectly okay, we are not readers based on our wallets but by the fact we like books. ❤ That being said please feel free to tell me what gift you enjoyed getting in 2020, whether it was a sweet card, a homemade gift, or maybe just a treat yourself buy.

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I absolutely adore this haul! I see you got some pretty great books and a lot of those are on my TBR too – does it call for some more buddy reads? 👀
The pins are also so pretty and I absolutely love the Waterstones editions of A Sky Beyond The Storm! and those pins are 😍
We don’t really do Christmas or have any holidays at this time of the year but my aunt still got me the Daevabad trilogy and my mom ordered me a tote bag and two bookish candles that will arrive late Jan or early Feb!

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