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Christmas [Eve] Traditions



Hey all, so if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I apologize, this may be a bit of a boring post for you but I would love to hear about your favorite holidays and how you celebrate them in the comments.

This is about Traditions, and I would love to hear your traditions, no matter the time of year you pick to share

In my family, honestly, Christmas Eve tends to be the ‘bigger’ day for us, sure we have the presents on Christmas, but the rest of the day is mostly just sleeping and then eating.

Christmas eve is the evening where, we all open one gift, we play board games/videogames, listen to music, all gather around the table and talk once the kids are asleep while listening to some questionably cheesy Christmas music.

Every year I tend to get the spawn a specific present for her to open on Xmas Eve and that’s usually a pair of Christmas pajamas and a Christmas book. Something I can read to her, but as she gets older, I’ll probably look at fewer picture books, but, either way, it’s my way of sharing things I love with my child. Reading, and Xmas. So, this is pretty important to me. This year since we’ll be travelling so close to Christmas, I think we’ll just bring along a favorite book, and her Star Wars Xmas pjs [that’s right, I’m a kickass mom].

The tradition of giving her a book was because of my love of reading, as it’s not a tradition my family had, but that’s one thing about growing up, it’s starting your own family, found or otherwise, and having your own traditions. Maybe that’s Cards Against Humanity with a bottle of rum and your people who support you most, maybe it’s a time of quiet reflection for you, but traditions are important and as bookish people we tend to have some, well, bookish themes thrown in every now and then.

I also love being gifted books, but, haha, luckily my family and friends know which books I like so I don’t have to worry about that awkward moment when someone tries to gift me a book completely off my interest radar.

Reading with spawn is one way I can really enjoy this holiday, and I love re-reading my own Christmas favorite books, just something about the hope and goodness that can be associated with Christmas that always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But the rest of the month is usually dedicated to Murder Mysteries, can’t get too fuzzy.

So this post isn’t to go into great detail, it’s just me sharing a bit of myself with you all and hoping you’ll do the same if you feel comfortable.

[Happy Holidays]

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