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Guest Post: Fictionally Sam’s Favorite Winter Reads

Hey guys, so my very kind and amazing friend Sam of Fictionally Sam offered to write a guest post for me as I’m having so many things going on, and I was so happy! THIS IS THE FIRST GUEST POST OF MY BLOG! Also, I’m cackling because we both included the same book in our winter reads, Whiteout, it’s fate that we’re friends lol. Let’s get to her amazing post!

Have you ever read a story that completely enveloped you in a way that you could only read it during a particular season? Like, a book that just screams a certain season to the point where you can only read it during that month and/or season, or maybe you read a book during a certain month and it completely solidified itself into your brain that you couldn’t possibly read it at any other time than in that moment?

For me I have several books just like this that I can only read during the winter months. Some of them give of those winter/christmas like vibes that force you to snuggle into your coziest of blankets (or if you are in Texas like me, turn on your air conditioning or fan before snuggling), and sip on your favorite reading drink and bask in the magic on the page. There are others though, that have absolutely no connection to the colder months, but because I read them during the winter–I can’t read them during any other season. 

So grab some popcorn (Or coffee!) and your funnest blanket and socks; and let’s check out four of my favorite winter time reads!

Whiteout by Adriana Anders

Let’s start this list with one that would make sense with the season! Whiteout takes place in the coldest place in the world–Antarctica. A Suspense/Thriller romance where the blistering cold isn’t the only thing lurking in the darkness for our on the run hero and heroine. There is just something about running for your life and braving the elements that makes me always waddle back to this story when December hits. I couldn’t put the book down then and I still can’t now–especially since the sequel is set to release in early June of 2021! 

Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

This one is just a feel good book that has a small Christmas scene in it. But because the Christmas scene was so adorable I can’t not read it during the winter months! Vanessa and Aiden are one of my top fictional couples and I swear I would go to the ends of the earth for Mariana to write a short story (or really any story because I’m trash) about them and their lives. If you have a fireplace, I highly recommend reading this while a fire is going! It’s a slow burn that will stay with you for years! 

From Lukov With Love by Mariana Zapata

I promise this list won’t become a Mariana Zapata stan list; but I couldn’t leave this one out since I’ve read it multiple times almost every winter month since it’s release (and the warm months too if I’m being honest). A slow burn that follows Jasmine, a determined figure skater who is faced with the prospect of retiring from the only thing she has ever loved after her former partner quit to train with someone else, or partnering with her enemy on ice–Ivan Lukov. 

As a former figure skater, I absolutely ADORE this book. The characters are so well developed that you get sucked into the world from the very first page, and Zapata has mastered the art of sass and wit with her novels, and this one is no exception. I could go on and on about why this book is my favorite winter read–but I’ll let you find out for yourself! 

Addicted For You Series by Krista & Becca Ritchie

This series always has a soft spot in my heart because it was one of the first series I read when dipping my toes into the romance genre completely. Loren and Lily feel like family to me from how many times I’ve read and re-read their story; so every winter when I break out a book from this series it feels like a coming home moment. 

Give me some popcorn, some juice in a wine glass, and one of these gems and you have instantly created one of the most perfect winter moments. Huge thank you to Haley for allowing me to waddle to her neck of the woods and share some of my favorites with you all! 

Tell me–What are some of your favorite winter reads?

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While from lukov, with love make sense ; the wall of winnipeg & me give me a summer feel because of the football guy on the cover 😅 but I still have yet to read any of their book SO! Maybe I should try it this season 😏

I do have a book like that for summer vacation & autumn.. but sadly not for winter yet.

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