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A Tale of Winternight September Dreamy&Co Unboxing


Spoiler Card

So the Spoiler Card is like a work of art itself, look at how pretty that art is!!

Spoilery parts

Okay so I got 8 other items to share with you guys, let’s get to it!

The double sided print is gorgeous but I have an issue, I want to display both sides lol, what’s a girl to do?!!!


I actually really loved this! It’s an art ‘frame’ and I just attached the little metal leg, and it’s already on display on my shelf ❤


This pin!!! SO PRETTY and also massive lol I got lucky though and bought an amazing and large banner of felfiramoondesigns so it fits perfectly


IDK about other people but I am always super freakin happy to get socks, and to have some inspired by such an amazing trilogy…I’ll be wearing these forever lol

Double sided woodmark, I’ve realized I’m so addicted to woodmarks and pins now, and this was a stunning one

Despite my absolute love for woodmarks, having a sturdy bookmark like this one is preferable when it comes to me using it, I’m afraid to use woodmarks half the time because I’m a clumsy ogre, and this was just as pretty as the woodmark ❤

Flick the Wick

I’ve never bought from Flick the Wick but I hear good things about them so I was excited that this candle was by them and it smells SO FREAKIN GOOD!


The final item! This awesome magnet!! Again, I love useful things, so having this which can also be displayed on my fridge makes me pretty freakin’ happy

I was overall SO happy with this box, it was my first Dreamy&Co box and though I’m not subscribing as I have so many other current subs, I will be getting their November box as well, and think it was a really great value for the items I got. This was an early bday present from the hubs, so, yay!

Have you bought from Dreamy&Co? Did you get this box? Let me know your thoughts!

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A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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