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Videogames and Books #2




Another video game and books post!


Because I haven’t done one in a while and it felt right. There, solid reasoning.

What are my current game plays?

Spyro the Dragon II [The theme park bit at the end]
Witcher III

What did I recently finish?

Well, the rest of Spyro II lol
Detroit Become Human [this game is not long but it is intense from start to finish]


What games and their literature will I focus on today?

Metro 2033



  Metro 2033 (Metro, #1)

Metro Redux review: The definitive way to play Metro 2033 and Metro: Last  Light | PCWorld


I didn’t add this to my games I love list because, well, in this case the book came first and I haven’t played this. It’s too scary for me lol, I’m gonna be real, I couldn’t even handle playing Alien on PS1 back in the day, there’s no way I’m handling this based on what I read haha. BUT it’s FANTASTIC AND it is the first review that I posted on this blog.

That’s it! That’s all I’ve read, but, don’t worry this isn’t the end of this post [or, I’m sorry it’s not the end yet, depending on how you’re feeling lol]

My husband is actually playing the second game for Metro 2033 right now, recently finished the first game, both are re-plays for him, and this game is as terrifying as the book.

Seriously, the Dark Ones are some scary shit and to see someone bring them to life…*shudders* but more terrifying than that or even the librarians *double shudder* is the atmosphere of this game, it is dark and always a hint of something around the corner, perfectly matches the book


The Last Wish (The Witcher, #0.5)



The Witcher 3's resurgence proves that games have changed | VentureBeat


I put down the game for a few months, I’m like that, I’m very much a mood gamer, where I can try to follow some semblance of a TBR list I make, there is no such chance when it comes to games, and, I finally picked it up again last night and remembered how much I like it. I wanted to read the book when I got the Illumicrate version but I waited and I’m putting it on my list for next Month, so far though I have a feeling the game keeps enough of the elements true, but we shall see if that is indeed the truth!

Right now in the game I’m just realizing all over again how freakin massive that map is.

Someone save me.


Do you all play any video games? Any ones we have in common?



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