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Adventures in Shelving

What feels like 20 years ago I talked about moving and how we were downsizing from our current rental flat at the time to a smaller home [maisonette]?

Idk why but I took that as a challenge to gain even more books in a very short amount of time in the span of that day till now!

It’s been almost a year since we’ve moved into our very first home of our own and it was only this week that I finally started to get the shelves I wanted, sometimes you just have to be patient and if possible, save, we were lucky enough to be able to be able to save and have this done in the current cluster-fuck climate that is 2020.

During lockdown, I got sick of my cubby Ikea shelves, they were faithfully useful but they took up too much floor space in our living room and each cube had at least 2 if not 3 rows of books and I could never find anything. [Case in point: I lost Slay for a good 2-3 months in that shelf lol]

The Before

Spawn is covered by emoji

We have multiple regular shelves across the house, but this was the big area to tackle first and so we dismantled the shelf and took it to the skip [it was a bit too wobbly from the move and we didn’t want to give it to someone if it was just going to fall apart lol].

What’s next? Now that I could see the wall, I asked our handyman to come by to quote us for measurements and a price to put up the wall shelves I had in mind.

After that was done I went to order the ones I wanted with a custom sizing to fit most of our wall and then I had to wait for the shelves…but omg when they arrived, I was so happy, guys, I was hugging pieces of wood when they arrived lol

Look how pretty!! Okay with those here, I thought, great, time to get them up! Of course a lot of people were requesting services from joiners and handymen so we had to wait a few weeks for our guy to have a free slot, and when he did, well, things never go smoothly for us lol. Turns out our walls needed a special type of hardware because they’re made of a combination of materials that makes for easily ripped up walls, which explained so many things when we were trying to hang stuff up and finally gave up lol.

At least though he was able to make marks on where they would go and then it was just another waiting game, and guys, if I thought it was chaos before, it was nothing compared to how my living room looked while I was waiting for these shelves.

It felt like I was slowly losing my mind, there were books everywhere and they never seemed to stop existing in every single space in that living room lol, it was like living in a sea of books and it was not at all as nice as I thought it would be when I said the phrase ‘sea of books.’

BUT! Finally the screws and anchors and plugs were in, so, with four solid steel brackets per shelf, huge ass bolts and screws that anchored into the wall and plugs for good measure, our handyman did a brilliant job getting them up on the wall.

Of course there was still the issue of me putting them up.

Now going into this, we knew not ALL the books would fit but we were hoping to get our classics/older books and my special editions on the shelf if nothing else, and I can happily say that it did happen, but we had to do some Tetris like shit for that to happen.

Not the best quality pictures, I know, but I was using my older iPhone and well, you work with what you got and these were mainly just snapshots to show the family and friends.

I know they may not be everyone’s cup of tea coffee, but, this is the first time I was able to have the shelves I truly wanted and I was so happy to have it all said and done. [Please note: these were put up by a professional, we did our research, we let him do his job, these shelves are put up correctly and aren’t going to avalanche lol.]

What’s Next?

Well, we’re hoping to have four more shelves the same size in our room upstairs for the nonfiction and my regular YA reads, I’m also making sure that any doubles I don’t really want get put in our charity pile and I’m looking to donate my older books that I don’t reread as often and replace them with their kindle versions. Eventually we’ll get even more for our other living room wall but I cannot tell you how nice it is to have my books out of my way and able to sit in my reading chair and admire them.

Do you have enough shelf space? Do you have a sea of books and chaos like me?

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

5 replies on “Adventures in Shelving”

These are just like the shelving I want! I don’t like big bookcases, in the UK (looking at the pictures I think you might be UK too) our houses are so small and big bookcases just make the space look smaller. My dream is to have wall to wall shelving in my bedroom, to finally display all my books.

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Oh the chaos…I currently have the shelves on my wall (they were put up before I was born by my dad) and then I have two bookcases which are black and collect dust. So much dust *sobs* That being said I sort of have enough shelf space but then I’m also planning on unhauling a load of books and switching up how I collect and buy my books (which I have a post in the works on mwahahaha). I do LOVE your shelves though they’re so pretty and I would also be hugging pieces of wood too 😉

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