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Street Team Sunday – Puzzle Scavenger Hunt, The Infinity Courts Cover Reveal


Cover Image Graphic Credit to and was made by Ari


So what do I have for you all today?

Well if you go over to my bookstagram you’ll see I’ve participated in Akemi Dawn Bowman’s Puzzle Scavenger Hunt to kick off her cover reveal in a really fun way!

I was on her street team for Harley in the Sky which I adored, and when she announced she was doing a Scifi, The Infinity Courts, there was 0% I wasn’t going to try and be on the street team for it!

I will share my puzzle piece and the links to the other pieces out and to be out here on my Street Team Sunday post and hope you all have a lot of fun putting together one of the prettiest covers I have EVER seen!

Between this and Reaper of Souls, I’m going to have the prettiest shelves ever in 2021.


Where to find the pieces!





My Piece, The 8th Piece!




Here’s Akemi’s post with the full cover reveal!

Cover Reveal

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