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Indie Spotlight #4




Who is our Author?

Nicola Cole

Nikki Cole

I am an animal lover- my life revolves around animals! Working with dogs and dog mummy to rescue crossbreed Fred, animals are just the best! As well as writing about animals I enjoy horse-riding, activity classes with Fred and wildlife watching holidays. My trips have included seeing Polar bears in the wild in Churchill, Canada and a safari in Kenya.


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The Interview


1. So first of all, the world is a bit crazy this go-around of Indie Spotlight, have you had time to start any new writings? Read any good books lately?


My aim is to make a series of Rocky’s Adventures, so I have been working on the sequel. Expect lots more dog characters, as well as some quirky other animal characters I hope kids will love.


2. What’s something that helps with your writing process? Any certain playlists or maybe a certain time of day that helps to spur you along?

Walking my lovely rescue dog Fred always helps get my imagination going. The phone goes away and I just take the time to think and to look around at the lovely nature reserve I live by. It looks very magical at the moment during the lockdown, the children have decorated the trees with fairy doors!


3. Did you always want to be an indie publisher, or did you ever consider traditional publishing?

I have a friend who I met on a writing course who had already self-published, so I made the decision by meeting her, she had lots of advice for me!


4. What made you decide to write Rocky’s Adventures?

I have always been an animal lover; my life revolves around animals. Working as a dog groomer, I have seen some of the horrible consequences of puppy farming and the horrible lifelong implications it can have on dogs. My hope is that this will get families discussing the right way to purchase a puppy and the red flags to look out for. Awareness really can help end puppy farming.


5. Who is your favourite character to write? And who is the most difficult to write for?

I can’t choose between the main three! Because of their distinct personalities. I should probably say Rocky as my boy Fred is a Jack Russell cross, and very similar, full of beans, excitable. But Bernie the bloodhound is so bossy and cantankerous that he is also fun to write. The most difficult? Probably humans because I prefer animals to people!


6. If you were stuck in quarantine with your own characters, which ones would you want to be in quarantine with? 

Probably Martina the cairn terrier as I think she’d behave the best! And I must say Rocky, because he is such a loyal best friend.


7. What’s a writing project you haven’t gotten around to that you hope to write someday?

My mental health story, my battle with anorexia.


 8. Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

If you think you have writer’s block, try and take time aside every day, no matter how short, put pen to paper and just write. Anything! It could be nonsense, but it really helps you get back into the swing of writing.


9. And finally, what is the thing you’d like readers to know most about your books?


Lots of fun dog characters and adventure that children will love while spreading awareness of how not to buy a puppy. Puppy farming really is an awful crime and so many dogs suffer from the consequences. If everyone knew what to look out for and to never buy a puppy from a puppy farm the practices will stop.


[**Note from your beloved caffeinated reviewer: Please remember that reviews help books out immensely, but especially INDIE books and their authors!**]


The Book

Rocky's Adventures

The exciting adventures of one little dog who discovers a crime which he solves with his dog-friends’ help. A heart-warming tale that will appeal to every youngster and which has been written in simple language to enable them to read it themselves.

Guys, this looks adorable, legit why I wanted to feature this awesome author, I sometimes need a break from YA/NA/Adult focused books and just read cute books with the little one.


Buy it here [Amazon UK link]


Note on Giveaways:

If you’re interested in reading this book, let me know, I’ll consider buying a copy to host a giveaway, but as my last giveaways had so little traction for Indie Spotlight, I’m halting them for now. But, if there’s enough interest, I’ll bring them back!

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