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So I don’t talk about it much on my blog as it’s not ‘bookish’ and I’m still finding my feet when it comes to building my blog!

I love videogames, I’m not good at them, but I enjoy them and that’s pretty much what counts in my books, as someone who is bad at videogames would say. And before you say ‘I’m sure you’re not bad, I am that person in Mario Kart who instead of going into the tunnel, spends 10 minutes running into the wall beside the entrance, and goes off-roading for most of the race.

But I do love them anyway and I’m here to talk about some of my fave videogame books and books [and comics and graphic novels]…literature. There, that’s better.

What are some games I love?

Spyro the Dragon
Jak and Daxter
Kingdom Hearts
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Jade Empire
Assassin’s Creed [I finished Origins and really enjoyed it]
Detroit Become Human
*Mass Effect [all of them, that’s right, I liked Andromeda, it wasn’t great, but I liked it!]
*Dragon Age [all of them]

What games and their literature will I focus on today?

Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Metro 2033


What Have I read?

Halo: The Fall of Reach

It was a pretty enjoyable read, but I can’t say it was memorable, I read it in either 2008 or 2009, and I remember I liked it, but I can’t actually remember more than that aside from like a snippet or two of our MC in it.


Dragon Age Volume 1

I’ve read all of this, volumes 1-6, this is not a great adaptation, and I was disappointed, but the art was super nice, so, there was a plus side lol.


Dragon Age: The Silent Grove #1

Okay, loved this, can’t even deny I had a lot of fun reading this one in comparison to the Orson S. Card ones. It’s a nice little storyline with a couple of my fave characters. [Even if a certain pirate-y woman does not love me back, she leaves me almost every time in DAII lol]


Metro 2033 (Metro, #1)

I didn’t add this to my games I love list because, well, in this case the book came first and I haven’t played this. It’s too scary for me lol, I’m gonna be real, I couldn’t even handle playing Alien on PS1 back in the day, there’s no way I’m handling this based on what I read haha. BUT it’s FANTASTIC AND it is the first review that I posted on this blog.

That’s it! That’s all I’ve read, but, don’t worry this isn’t the end of this post [or, I’m sorry it’s not the end yet, depending on how you’re feeling lol]

Now it’s time for the TBR!

Books, Manga, and Comics to Read

David Gaider Dragon Age Series 5 Books Collection Set (Stolen Throne, Calling, Asunder, Last Flight, Masked Empire)

I’ve owned this since right before I moved to the U.K. and I have been wanting to read them SO BADLY. Not to mention, there’s now a book 6 out even, Tevinter Nights. I NEED.


Mass Effect: The Complete Novels: Revelation, Ascension, Retribution, Deception

I mean, why not, at this point I’ve known I was a Bioware addict. Another set of novels!


I’ve been eying this on Comixology for a while now, it’s time.


Again, might as well…


But now for the really cute adds

Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Vol. 1 by [Shiro Amano]

I’ll be reading vol. 1-4 of this, so the complete series of this one, but, I’ll be letting my daughter read it first, she’s really shown an interest in playing and watching me play these, and she’s always stealing my manga anyway, so, we might as well commit to this!


There we have it! Different things I want to read, have read, and all in all a very rambly post.

I’ll try and work on this for the next time lol

Do you all play any videogames? Any ones we have in common?


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A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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Jade Empire! I don’t see that game on enough lists. I read The Stolen Throne and want to read the others too. Some day! I also read the Guild Wars books set between the two games and I have two books about the Diablo universe. I’m currently playing a lot of Stardew Valley, Cities: Skylines and Guild Wars 2 and regularly talk about my gaming on my second (or actually first) blog 😄

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