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Reader Voracious: Bookish Readers Choice 2019


Heyyyy so, nominations are open. Kal is amazing and has gotten down so many awesome categories and let’s face it…these nominations are pretty much needed.


Well, I love GR, seriously, I think it’s something I use daily and really enjoy using it but there were som failings, to say the least, with the voting for the Readers Choice Awards. I’m pretty sure all the books were super hyped and popular already, all well known authors practically, and a bit disappointing especially with the YA choices. There were so many amazing and diverse books to come out this year and they kinda seemed to have been ignored, I don’t want to sound preach-y but why were there pretty much just white writers for the nominations?

Yes, those books were good, no denying it, but, so were the others I read such as ‘Kingdom of Souls,’ ‘Girls of Storm and Shadow,’ ‘Descendant of the Crane,’ you following me here?

I just wanted to see more books, so, Kal has been the hero we all needed and allowed us to have more of a say in our reader choice awards.


Remember, these are open until November 30, and you have a chance to put the books down that you want, not just choose from a list. And you can fill out all of it or just the parts you feel like, it’s up to you but you’re actually given choices and it’s awesome.

So, go look at this really helpful and informative post if you’re wanting to do this and go forth and have your voice heard!

I went crazy with it myself lol.

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