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No We Don’t Do It For The Free Books


Hey guys, here to spill some tea on this sunny and freakin’ freezing Friday morning.

So, no one has complained about this, it’s not like people have been throwing this accusation in my face, but it’s something I feel like talking about today because we do know people say this:

‘Book blogging means free books’

Yes. It does. But, when people say you do it for the free books, accuse us of being cheap, and so much more, it makes me super annoyed to the point where I feel like I’m in an anime.


So now let me roll out my rant.

There is no specific cost to being a book blogger, yes some spend more than others, yes some of use free wordpress, some of us have our own domains and self host, there’s so much variation but we tend to have one thing in common.

We love books.

Oh and another thing we have in common.

We are dedicated.

Book blogging is time consuming. There’s no lack of posts explaining just how time consuming it is either. We don’t just write posts, we think of content we revamp our sites, we do social media to some extent, and not only that but we read books, obviously.

Oh the eARCs/ARCs are free, but we also give our time for free.

Yea, I was very excited to start getting free books, I won’t lie, NetGalley is like a dangerous place for me to go because of that, but, do you know what else? I still buy books. And even if I didn’t, I write these posts and promote these books with everything I have. Sure, some of us are not as well known as others but we’re all here trying our best, FOR FREE to promote.

And it’s not the publishers and authors that accuse [not all the time or most of the time anyway lol] us of doing this for the free books, it’s people who don’t realize the effort we put in.

I’m sitting here, my house in disarray and you know what? It’s gonna stay that way because I’ve made commitments and yes sometimes we take a while to get to some of the books, and yes we will write negative reviews, but we always try.

There are graphics, twitter chat threads, bookstagram reviews, goodreads and amazon review write ups, and I sometimes get in over my head, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I’m also lucky enough to be in the position to buy a physical/final copy of eARC/ARC books I really enjoy. And since book blogging I definitely buy more books in my case, and I do book subscription boxes sometimes, and guess what, you don’t need to do any of that to bookblog, and if you ‘just’ review free books, that’s just as important and valid.

We do it for a love of reading, a love of books, to support authors, and if we get some free books for it, that’s no one’s place to judge.

Probably the people that need to read this won’t, but still, I’m here for my fellow book bloggers and saying, read that free book, review to your heart’s content, and keep being awesome.

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

9 replies on “No We Don’t Do It For The Free Books”

Yasssss to everything you said Haley! Whilst I don’t do the whole reviewing side of things all that often on my blog, if I like/love a book I will scream about it. I also enjoy reading other books fellow book lovers scream about to me. Our time is precious but so many of us choose to use it for books and free books in no way compensates for that imo. Love this rant ❤

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This is such a great post. Luckily I haven’t had any of these acusations thrown in my face either, but some people got and that sucks. Books are expensive enough tbh.

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I want to put a giant applause GIF in here, like I did on Twitter.!!! I, like you, have bought many more books since starting book blogging that I did before blogging. I’ve definitely had people tell me I do this for the perks, and while they’re a nice side of blogging, it’s not everything and it certainly isn’t the most important part of it.

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There is SO MUCH that goes into blogging, and we do reading, and writing reviews, some of us taking photos, some of us making graphics, composing it into a blog post, and then all of the sharing on social media… It takes a lot of time and no one does this full time. I actually think what bloggers do is worth more than the cost of a singular free ebook or book. So of course we don’t just do it for the freebies, and I find it hilarious that some people still assume that…

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PREACH, SISTAH! Thankfully I haven’t had people say this stuff to me, but so help me I would GO OFF if I was told that I just do it for free books. Just reviewing books alone is so labor intensive, and feeling obligated to with review copies… that is why my RTC shelf is like 12 books right now lmao.

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