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Charity Shop Finds!

I’ve got a busy week of blog tour reviews so today we’re taking it easy with some charity shop finds from yesterday and throughout the last week or so.

[Also, we’ve got around 3 piles of books to take and donate so it’s not just us getting more books haha]





I’ll admit it, I’ve already read this one and loved it, so when I saw it and had a spare pound coin on me, I totally went ahead and grabbed it.


30P each, so a total of 60P for these two from the library!


We’ve been doing the summer activities in our library for the spawn, she’s entered the reading challenge and we’ve done some fun things but sometimes I wander off to the for sale shelves. It’s resulted in these two being purchased haha.


2 of my fave finds

Okay so these were two of my fave finds as I’ve stated, the one on the left is ‘The Water Babies’ and I’m a huge fan of the ridiculous film and started reading the book a couple of years back, but it’s a newer version and I’ve really wanted an older version of it, finally my hubs spotted this yesterday and it was my huge splurge. I paid £8.00 for it and £2.00 for the one on the right, ‘Book of Beasts’

I couldn’t help but share a page out of this HIGHLY entertaining book. £2


£8, a prize won in 1894!


Well, that’s all I have to share, I did grab up an Agatha Christie yesterday for another £1 and the hubs got a nonfiction about the fall of the Mughal Empire for another £1.

Total Spent: 13.60

A bit on the high end for it but I really wanted that old Water Babies lol.


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