Book Reviewing: A Process

Hey all, it’s Saturday, you know what that means?

I revel in being lazy lol.

But also it’s the weekend for most of us, so yay for that.

Today’s post is more of a way to hopefully give you a laugh than an in-depth look at my process as my process is really…having none lol.

Step 1. Pick Which Book to Read Next

I look through my list to see which one is next to come out chronologically but sometimes it’s not that easy, there’ll be multiple ones coming out within like a two day span of each other. And so it’s just mostly a lot of me being overwhelmed.


Step 2. Read the Book I’ve picked

This is so much harder than it seems, the less time I have to read, the more pressured I feel. But pressured by who you may ask? Me. Myself. Oh, and I. Even though I can read most books in a day, I choose to worry over it until like 10PM and then I settle in to the actual act of reading.


Step 3. In Between Reading Take Copious Notes

I take notes to help me be more critical when writing my review. At least that’s what I’m telling myself I’ll accomplish by taking notes. More often than not I just suck at taking notes as well as writing up reviews.


Step 4. Finally Finish Reading!

I’m pretty good at this step haha, once I finally get into a groove with a book I’ll break it up over one to three days into a few sittings just so I don’t get too bored or distracted unless the book is really gripping.


Step 5. Writing up the Review

At this point I begin to sit there and look over my notes and stare at the laptop. It’s a hard process for me who really just is like ‘I liked it. It was good.’ I never feel I’m qualified enough to write up a review for you all lol.


Step 5A. Forget Everyone’s Names and Have to Look Them up

I don’t know why this happens to me, I’ll remember like one person’s name and it probably won’t be the person I’m actually wanting to write about at the moment so then I have to go back and look.


Step 6. Finish Writing Review and Publish it

I sit there, proud enough of it to just throw it at you all, knowing I finished.


Step 7. JK. It’s Never Done. Pick Another Book


And there you have it, book reviewing, a process!


Toodles guys!

13 thoughts on “Book Reviewing: A Process”

  1. Haha, I loved this post a lot!
    I end up forgetting the names a lot too – I don’t know why that happens though? And it’s really frustrating because when I’m talking to someone about the book or just thinking about it I can remember the names but as soon as I sit to write the review my mind just blanks out!

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  2. I also forget names which is why I started writing summaries in my book journal so that I would be less likely to forget them. I’ve only just started taking notes while reading books as I realise I forget what was good about the beginning to make the end satisfying (or vice versa…!)

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    1. Maybe it’s a bookworm thing, we’re just like ‘what are names’ lol we’re going with that, that it’s just everyone. Yea I try to take notes to make me remember things I liked or didn’t instead of being like ‘this book was awesome’ but I still end up doing that

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  3. The accuracy of this post is so true to the core, Haley because the first step is always the hardest with which book to pick. I usually try for chronological and then if they’re the same, then I go whatever my gut feels like reading. If there’s a lot of time, I may choose the next one in order. (But sometimes it’s just an existential crisis. We’re not saying that, though.)

    Step 5B: forget what actually happened and mix things up. So Nina did this… wait, was it Silvina???

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    1. Same Sophia, I have been known to skip around a book and come back to it if I’m just not in the mood and there’s enough time. AND. Yes! I’m really bad for 5B like 50% of me keeping notes is because I’m like ‘wait, what happened again?!’


  4. Forgetting all the names is SUCH a mood, seriously. Like, I’ve just finished this, how the hell did I already manage to forget who is who? 😂
    I never take notes anymore. I used to when I started out and was still getting used to writing reviews, but now 1) I’m too lazy to and 2) reviewing got a lot easier with practice. I probably should though…especially on those names!

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  5. Honestly a main reason that I have to take notes it because I forget character names and usually procrastinate on writing my reviews until I forget what happened and what I thought about it. But also because they crack me up later because I sass a lot while taking notes, which is different than my “review voice.”

    This was a really fun post to read!!!

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