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Another BESpring19 post, today’s prompt is brought to us by the AMAZING Clo.

[Thank you to Sam & Clo for putting this event together!]

This is a fun one today!


Where did you start with your Blogging journey, where are you now and where do you want to see it in a year or two?

Great things to think about!

I’m gonna lay this track down for ya’ll in chronological order!

In The Beginning…

I started with just trying to post a review, and then a lament of sorts on my lack of white shelves and Funko pops. [No judgement on that, I just have some cluttered ugly ass shelves and I’m jaded because of it] I didn’t really know if I would like it, I wasn’t sure anyone would read it and so it actually sat there with just one, maybe two posts from October to January.

It clicked then that I wanted to do this, I realized, if there’s anything I’ve ever enjoyed outside of music it was this and now that I had my musical things on track, why not do something outside of music that still was, well, me.

So, Right Now…

I’ve grown SO MUCH. And it’s so much due to having joined such a generally supportive and positive online community. Bookish people are indeed my peeps, ya’ll are my Ride or Die guys.

I’ve gone from talking into a void and almost not doing it at all to now being active every day, I post every day, I think there have been 2 days at most I haven’t posted. I’ve grown in my capabilities as a blogger, continually learning the finer points of writing a good review, and following and meeting so many awesome people. I’ve got 276 followers, which ain’t too shabby for an old lady, and I’m shocked I even have over 500 followers on Twitter let alone edging closer to 800.

Keep Moving Forward…

Right now, I’m at a good pace, my goal is to not lose it. Now. I know there’ll be slumps, but I mean I just, in general, want to keep up with my growth rate if not in numbers than in personal growth lol. I do see myself switching to maybe 3x a week posts for the holiday season, that’s October through December for me. Especially this year as I’m in a musical and have a lot of travelling coming up. BUT looking further ahead than that, I want to give more insightful posts, I want to always keep up a steady flow of Indie book reading and reviewing as well as Netgalley eARCs and I’m sorry if this sounds materialistic but my goal for next January would be to get an ARC from somewhere like Tor/Orbit. This means having to get more followers as well, but, I hope I’m able to do that through just pure determination and interacting with others in the community. [This means I need at least 1K followers on Twitter and I would like to eventually get that amount on Bookstagram, but, I’m looking at getting followers that I can interact with so I’m not in a rush]

I love following bookish people on social media and I think that’s a great way to expand my ‘circle.’ I’d also love to look into doing collab posts this year, and have a regular sort of segment to do. Whether it’s my top 5s that I do, or something a bit more unique. We’ll just have to wait and see.

What about you all? What are your blogging goals? Have you come far from your humble beginnings?

Leave a comment and let me know!


By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

13 replies on “A Blog’s Life”

You’re going to be in a musical?? That’s so awesome! Good luck with it and wish you safe travels. It’s so nice to see that you’ve grown so much in a short time and most of all the best part is that you enjoy it πŸ™‚ Online bookish community is the best ❀

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You never know what a publisher will do? One of my first approved arcs was the wicked king. And I was a nag about it. Like I requested it and they said no. I requested it again they said no. I said ok one more time and BOOM. Woke the next morning and there it was. Then there are books even today that just sound interesting to me that I swear are from publishers no one has heard of and titles no one has heard of and they get rejected. Sometimes yes they have a certain whatever they look for but sometimes? It is just a crap shoot lol. Sometimes itll get denied on one site and approved on another lol.

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It isnt them… it is the publishers. Like ever since I left education Penguin/randomhouse (and all imprints) had me on like automatic rejection on both sites and I had it. So I actually went on LinkedIn and wrote a very respectful note to very hi ups basically asking why and what I could do. Literally the next day killing November and spin the dawn got approved. Not everything is approved but things are much more amenable at least


Haleyyyyyyyy I’m so glad you decided to join the book blogging community. you deserve every single follower and more! πŸ’•

if you have to post less frequently there’s definitely no shame in that, you do what you gotta, and I hope you get that unicorn ARC! (singular ARC, because I’m sure you still have tons left to get through, I know I do πŸ˜‰)

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I love how much heart you put in each of your posts and its because of that, that I started to follow you. Congrats on every milestone you have reached so far and lots of luck for the future.

Also, I love your top 5 posts! 😊

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Aaaaah I’m so glad you joined the New Bloggers server! Also, there’s no shame in posting less. Honestly, I posted at least once a day back in April of 2018 and it burned me out. I posted twice on multiple days and I was stressed, overwhelmed and yeah. I’m not all that bothered about ARCs if I’m totally honest, like sure it’d be nice but I’d only want them so I can donate them to Kal’s Flapping Pages program as I’d rather buy the book or borrow it from my library because I have those privileges. That’s not to say I don’t totally get you wanting to get an ARC from them hehe. *sends you all the productivity and love to keep growing on your blog and as a blogger* you got dis ❀

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Wow Haley, congrats on coming so far and well, all the best for the road ahead!
I hope you are able to get that ARc from Tor/Orbit! I’ll be rooting for you πŸ™‚
Also, wow, posting almost every day? That’s amazing but I get that you have to keep it down to 3x a week, I mean it does make more sense in so many ways…
(God knows I won’t have been able to keep up with every day for even a week)

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