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Charity Shop Finds

Yesterday was a day of bounty!!!

Well, sort of, I’m super excited because I got a skirt I’ve been wanting but we also scored 3 new books from our Charity shop finds.

Here we go! The haul for 16/02

John Steinbeck, The Short Novels £1.50
[This was my husband’s pick, because only the powers beyond know how much I hate Steinbeck lol]

The Gift of Rain £1.50
[This also gets to go towards my YARC once I read it, so yay!]


Thirteen Reasons Why £1.50
[I’ve heard a lot of hype on this, good and bad and want to see what it’s all about for myself, I only watched the first episode on Netflix and maybe not even all of it, all I know is when I heard how dark it got I decided to hold off]

Total: £ 4.50

Not too shabby! I’m working on my current ARC and The Romanovs and Dead Man’s Blues still, had a busy weekend and taking it easy a little too.

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

14 replies on “Charity Shop Finds”

I loved Perks of Being a Wallflower when I read it and this seems like it might have the same heart-wrenching qualities but magnified, also I just couldn’t get into the show, it wasn’t so much that I hated the episode I watched but as my friends were telling me things I thought maybe it just wasn’t for me. I find it easier to read than to actually have somethings visualized.


I think it’s such a fine line with how they portray something like suicide to teenagers, and it has nothing to do with them not being smart enough to know it’s bad or anything, but, when you put it in that sort of context, I think it’s confusing for anyone to get the message (from the tv show anyway)


This is a totally random thought but I thought the person standing in the cover for John Steinbeck’s book is well… headless. I’m not a huge fan of him though, but who am I to judge after one book?

I’ve been avoiding 13 Reasons Why since I don’t want to be triggered if I actually watch the show, which I’ve heard is really dark. I don’t get emotional when it comes to books so I’ll be fine with reading the book, but TV show is a bit much I think.

I hope you’ll get to enjoy these, particularly 13 Reasons Why and The Gift of Rain! I love it when there are good deals AND you can knock out a book for a reading challenge as well.

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I can’t unsee that now hahaha. And I know someday I’ll read more by him but the novels I have read, I just…I want to do a dance on his grave, my husband looks horrified when I say it, but I mean it. #Noregrets. I’m the same way where a dark show will definitely be harder for me to deal with than a dark book. Even if it’s the same content!

I really am excited for The Gift of Rain, it sounds great, thank you!


The gift of rain is a FANTASTIC book. I really enjoyed that one. I read 13 reasons why and found it….fine. Better than the show on TV. Tough read. I, though, love Steinbeck. 🙂 My favorite book by him is “Travels with Charlie” where he goes on a trip with his dog.

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I need to read Travels with Charlie, in fact, it’s on my gift list to get my husband, I always find I admire Steinbeck’s writing style but have not been a fan of his books, so hopefully, I’ll love one of them! I’m also super glad that you’ve read The Gift of Rain, I hadn’t come across it before but fell in love with the blurb on the back. I’m going in with no expectations on 13 Reasons Why, so we’ll see lol. Thanks for leaving a comment!!


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