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WWW Wednesday

It’s time for the WWW Wednesday meme brought to you all by Taking on a World of Words


1. What Are You Currently Reading? Betty Church and the Suffolk Vampire

Blurb: September 1939.
A new day dawns in Sackwater, not that this sleepy backwater is taking much notice…

Inspector Betty Church – one of the few female officers on the force – has arrived from London to fill a vacancy at Sackwater police station. But Betty isn’t new here. This is the place she grew up. The place she thought she’d left behind for good.

Time ticks slowly in Sackwater, and crime is of a decidedly lighter shade. Having solved the case of the missing buttons, Betty’s called to the train station to investigate a missing bench. But though there’s no bench, there is a body. A smartly dressed man, murdered in broad daylight, with two distinctive puncture wounds in his throat.

While the locals gossip about the Suffolk Vampire, Betty Church readies herself to hunt a dangerous killer.

Thoughts so far: I enjoy it while I’m reading it but the moment I put it down I find it a labor to pick it back up….does anyone else ever feel this about a book? You’ll have seen this one from my last post, I do have a review coming this week but as some of you know, I was feeling quite under the weather last night and today. Anyway, if you like a bit of Hot Fuzz humor, then you’ll really enjoy this I think, I’ll write a review on it when I finish!

2. What Did You Recently Finish Reading? Boneseeker: Here Walk the Dead

Blurb: Arabella Holmes—yes, daughter of that Holmes—wants to return to her job as a purveyor of abnormal science. She has temporarily been demoted to a botanist, until her love interest, Henry Watson—yes, that Watson—can help her get her less-than-professional outbursts in check.

Henry is tired of his new role as doctor, tired of the lack of adventure, and tired of keeping Bella’s escapades out of the papers.

Five girls are missing. Gone from locked rooms in their own houses. Arabella and Henry are called upon to help solve the kidnappings, but all they unearth is more danger.

Bella ventures undercover into a lunatic asylum, where a mute woman assaults her and scrawls the chilling words—Here the dead wake. Plus, a vial of Bella’s research poison has gone missing. Bella and Henry must find it, and the missing girls, before charges can be brought against her.

Thoughts: It was enjoyable, and I have to say it was a better read than Stalking Jack the Ripper but in the same vein. This is the one I’ll probably post a review of this week, I might do mini-reviews with this one and the Betty Church. There were some issues but overall I thought the book showed promise. [Note: This is the SECOND book in the series, I plan on going to read the first!]

3. What Do You Think You’ll Read Next? Eden Chip

Blurb: Thanks to nanochips implanted in human brains, the world is at peace in 2055. But not everyone likes having their emotions controlled, or their religion suppressed. 

Eighteen-year-old Raissa embarks upon a perilous mission to free the world, just days before the release of nanochip Version 7, which will broadcast every citizen’s thoughts to the Collective. 

The countdown has started, and Raissa must make choices that jeopardize the lives of billions, including the only boy she has ever loved.

Thoughts: I’m excited about this and it’s not a long read so even if it doesn’t turn out great I won’t be spending days on it. It was released last year but I still got a free reader copy so *cross fingers* that it’s as awesome as the blurb makes it sound!

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