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Going forward into February

Hey guys!

Okay first, I’ll do a sum up of my January!

Also, I’ll have The Parisians review up tomorrow!

What I read:
(Oh what’s that, you’d like some blurbs, hahahahaha. No. But! If you look on my Reviews page you’ll see most of these on there and I’ve linked Goodreads if you click on the titles)

1. The Prince’s Boy

Genre: [Gay] Romance (light/fluffy not erotic)/Historical Fiction


2. The Light Blue Book: 500 Years of Gaelic Love and Transgressive Verse

Genre: Poetry
Rating: ratingiconratingiconratingiconratingiconratingicon
(I rate poetry on a different scale)


3. This Side of Paradise

Genre: Classics


4. The Crystal Cave

Genre: Fantasy


5. Lord Edgware Dies

Genre: Murder Mystery


6. Danger on the Downs (eARC)

Genre: Murder Mystery


7. The Axeman’s Jazz

Genre: Murder Mystery/Thriller (I am sensing a pattern here)


8. The Memory of Lost Dreams (e’ARC’)

Genre: Sci-fi


9. The Alienist

Genre: Murder Mystery/Thriller


10. The Parisians (eARC)

Genre: Historical Fiction/Espionage


Also Read:
1. Bedknob and Broomstick (Mini Me’s read aloud pick)

Genre: Children’s Classic
Rating: ratingiconratingiconratingiconratingiconratingicon


2. Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor Vol. 5 The Twist (Comic)

Genre: Comic-Dr.Who
Rating: ratingiconratingiconratingiconratingicon

Total Tally: 12

**What have I got for February?**

Currently Reading:

1. Stalking Jack the Ripper


2. Betty Church and the Suffolk Vampire (e’ARC’)

Looking A little Ahead:

1. Eden Chip (e’ARC’) (”< Means it’s just really a free reading copy but is listed as an ARC)

Genre: Sci-fi


2. The Book of Dust

Genre: Fantasy


3.  Dead Man’s blues

Genre: Murder Mystery/Thriller


4. The Hound of Death

Genre: Murder Mystery

I also have Becoming Michelle Obama, Ready Player One, Metro 2034 (may be pushed back to March) and so many others to hopefully get through in February!

What are you all planning on reading? What was your January total??

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

4 replies on “Going forward into February”

Wow goodjob !

Ermm.. I don’t usually do tbr’s, because I know I probably off-track from it XD I’m basically looking ahead to finish The blood prince, and then continuing my 9books serie I was reading (I now had finished three, so 6 remaining). I potentially will continue picking up something different after 1-2books read just because it allow me to not grow tired of it, it is quite a long serie haha

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