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Caught in the Revolution

Caught in the Revolution: Petrograd, Russia, 1917- A World on the Edge

If you read my Metro 2033 review you’ll see I’ve been on a bit of a Russian History binge. This is just another addition to me trying to conquer all available library books on the Russian Revolution. This was a very interesting read as it was giving accounts of British, American, and some French expats views of their time in Petrograd during the Revolution. There are journalists, nurses, ambassador’s and families of them and military and even bankers. To be truthful the bankers usually had my favourite (guys this thing just tried to correct my spelling, I’m American, there’s no u in my favorite, damn it) stories. Now, these are not written as eye witness accounts, it’s all been put together and written by Helena Rappaport who does a good job, for me, on keeping the pace.

From other reviews, you’ll see that most saw this as a slow read whereas I found it super enjoyable and didn’t feel a slow lapse. Be warned though this is a very common complaint, so if you read it and are like ‘that wench lied,’ I did not! I warned you! I would have liked more quoted eyewitness stuff to be included but I may just have to do some more hunting on my own.

I gave it 5 stars because I enjoyed reading it that much, however as far as the quality of it as a nonfiction novel, if I gave a more critical look to it I might give it 3.5 for not having enough sources and eyewitness things, and all that jazz. There you go, another review! (Also the last of my 2018 books, bring on 2019)

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