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The Best of Richard Matheson

The Best of Richard Matheson, edited by Victor LaValle was a super deliciously creepy read. This is the man who gave us some of the creepiest episodes of The Twilight Zone. 

For those of you who don’t know, this is the man that gave us I Am Legend. To be truthful, I don’t read scary things typically, I’m a pansy, like Class A pansy. However, I found myself drawn to this at the library after reading The Supernatural Short Stories of Sir Walter Scott and felt in the mood to read some more horror geared books.

Richard Matheson has a way of getting dark and weird and creepy in less than three pages if he so feels inclined and it’s wonderful. Some are creepy and dark because they reflect part of human nature most of us find better left hidden. Others are so fantastical that he creates new things for you to be afraid of. Personally, I felt Victor LaValle picked great works to be included and of course you can’t please everyone but he gave a great variety of his works. Not to mention rarely have I enjoyed reading an introduction so much in my life that it, in turn, made me want to go and read more of that author’s work.

Anyway, I won’t be backtracking much more over things I read from last year before I’ll leave it behind and move forward.

What is your favorite Richard Matheson story or work? Anything you all recommend by Victor LaValle?

There’s no blurb for this as it’s really just a compilation and it’s best to just go out there and read it! READ IT.

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