April 2021 Illumicrate Unboxing

Here we go! April’s Theme: ‘Dearly Departed’ This keychain was cute, it’s not often we get Dread Nation merch but it was a little lacking. I couldn’t really discern the quote and it was so tiny as a keychain that I almost threw the box out with it in it! This cute mason jar was […]

Book Review

In The Ravenous Dark Review

My Review SLIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD Content Warning (from the author): -Death (lots, major and minor characters)-Death of queer characters, but most main characters are queer and also these deaths aren’t exaaactly permanent!-Parent death, on page and off-Sibling death by suicide (off page)-Fratricide-Violence (lots)-Blood (lots)-Gore (not excessive, but there’s, uh, a scene or two for sure)-Mild body […]