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Black Sun Review

A god will return

When the earth and sky converge

Under the black sun


My Review

Pre-Columbian Americas inspired fantasy.

Why has it taken this long for me to read something on this level of epicness?

I now need to hunt down all fantasies like this because how dare I read all these other fantasy inspired worlds to not even bat an eye at something like this.

This is immersive, you will be thrown into this amazing world with a cast of characters were I loved absolutely everyone of them. I loved them because they were ‘horrible’ I loved them because they were ‘powerful’ I loved them because they were amazing. So, you know, just more fangirling from me, nothing new.

Serapio is just, he breaks my heart. He’s a young man who hasn ever had a hand in his own destiny other than to do what they all expect of him and have prepared him for. And now his destiny is almost upon him.

Naranpa was so mysterious and intriguing. Someone who has faith just as strong as Serapio but she’s his contrast, a parallel between these two warring ‘cultures’ and yet they’re all connected. She has been chosen for a life so far removed from where she started and yet she’ll never be the same to those she has lived and devoted her life with towards their faith.

Xiala might have been my absolute favorite. She is just a seafaring minx from the Teek culture which is hands down my favorite from what I’ve seen. She is just so capable and also a hot mess, I love her and maybe identify with her a little lol.

Okoa is a young warrior trained in a time of peace. His people, he himself are closest to Serapio and yet they come from again two very different worlds. While Naranpa is this contrast in different faiths to Serapio, Okoa is a contrast of two people of the same culture but coming from different backgrounds.

Now, this is more plot driven but there is no lack of character development or interaction. The pacing is so well done like I’m still impressed even as I sit here writing this. Roanhorse was already slated to be a fave of mine with her other works but this seriously cinches it. She is a brilliant writer and a brilliant world builder.



Characters=Magnificent and DIVERSE. (We have so many different types of characters from different cultures, different sexualities, it’s amazing, like I’ve only given you all the MCs for the most part and yet I loved all the side characters)

Do I really need to say more?

I loved watching all these characters come from such separate corners to find they’re all becoming intertwined and then with that ending, you know it’s only going to get more amazing. There’s so much that’s pulled together to push to the next book and it’s worth every page.

There’s not too much of an overload of information but the descriptions are vivid and gorgeous, and the writing style is so fluid you forget you’re reading.

5/5 HUGE cups of coffee from me, now to write book 2’s review because I was super lucky and won an ARC off GoodReads!

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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