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League of Liars eARC Review

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Ever since his mother was killed, seventeen-year-old Cayder Broduck has had one goal–to see illegal users of magic brought to justice. 


My Review

I saw this book and thought ‘yea why not.’

Shouldn’t have asked myself ‘why not.’

I’m not going to lie I didn’t realize this author had already written a series (Four Dead Queens, which I won’t lie, I’d probably give it a go) so I went in thinking it was a debut novel.


I just…

Idk what I read.

I actually could hear that sound from Law & Order (you know which one) as I read the words criminal justice system. This isn’t our world, but this fantasy world conveniently has the same Miranda Rights.


Idk I felt like if there was some stuff to change up, I maybe would have done that differently but that’s not why I’m like ‘UH, GUYS.’

It started out as a sort of courtroom drama with a fantasy, I was like ‘okay, okay I see you.’ That turned into a possibly perverse justice system and then that turned into some wild ride. We had a very badly done heist thrown in for the last bit and the ending had me like ‘wtf just happened. Why did it happen.’

I found the characters to be *SO* annoying. We had the kinda straight laced kid, Cayder, we had his little sister who..btw…BTW, I’ll get to her. We had a princess being used as a pawn by the law enforcement and the most annoying person on the planet, Jey. Who I think was supposed to be this smart mouth comedic relief but actually I disliked him so much I almost wanted him to get served with a life sentence.

The pacing is fine, it was part of the reason I finished this. But the style was a bit immature (though this might be a great read for some younger YA readers) and I read a good bit of MG so it wasn’t like I’m so old I couldn’t see how this was written for someone else, I was just like ‘what cringe crap is this.’

I think this needed a bit more tweaking overall because the plot gets lost in all these gimmicks and the magic system…idk…I felt it was like an odd episode of Dr. Who and expected weeping angels to come out.

I think in her attempt to be shocking, the shock factor fell flat. You just didn’t even care even if you didn’t figure out what was happening.

Also, uhh…using someone to get information out of and then never apologizing for it or admitting to it, that’s some heavy crap I do not approve of, like that relationship can go right out the window with the insta-love of ‘I saw you twice while you were behind bars and we touched hands’ like nah, fam, you ‘re alright.

I’m ranting

I’m sorry I just couldn’t get over how much this book irked me and I had rounded up from 2.5 to 3 thinking it was a debut but my GR rating now reflects it as rounded down to 2. I gave it 2.5 because I could see how it’d be appealing to some.

I would not read the sequel.

2.5/5 Cups of coffee from me, thank you very much to the publisher and NetGalley for an eARC of this in exchange for my honest review. This book is out on February 22, 2022 if you think from the description it might appeal to you!

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A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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