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The Monarchs eARC Review

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The sorority girls at Kappa Rho Nu—the Ravens—are determined to restore balance to the world. After destroying an ancient talisman and barely saving their sorority in the process, they’ll go to any lengths to keep their secret as Westerly’s most powerful coven of witches.

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My Review

I was a bit disappointed by the ending of this duology. The pacing was so stilted that nothing of consequence happened until about 60% in, and that means the story didn’t progress until then either. Whereas I was starting to warm up to Vivi in the last book, I felt she regressed. Scarlett was a stronger character but even she didn’t get the chance to shine this book. I also hate having a character brought in who only exists to die to further something along. maybe reminiscent of my GoT reading days.

Scarlett and Jackson have terrific chemistry but we got so little time with them together or interacting at all that it was a letdown overall. We didn’t get any more development in them as characters. But unlike with Vivi, there was at least no regression.

Vivi became the ultimate airhead and the romance between her and her boyfriend was….tedious would be putting it mildly. I could not stand reading parts with them, it was so forced and unnatural. This may have been because of Vivi’s total regression but I’m not sure.

In the first book Vivi is brought into the folds of this world she never knew existed, and instead of growing from there. You expect trials and error and instead she was a bit of an airhead that I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at. I had no sympathy, and I was so disappointed by that.

The girls are no longer a sisterhood they’re barely a coven. Scarlett’s confidence has vanished after the issues that happened to their sorority; this would make more sense if it hadn’t been such a 180 from where she was at the end of The Ravens and there’s not enough insight to show how she got to this point. The other girls are barely existent other than to stir up drama and I didn’t even care about what happened to them by a third into it with how catty they were and how slow the pacing was.

Anyway, I was disappointed to see the MCs regress, the good romance was absent and the contrived one was cringe-worthy. The story was interesting but when you only get the last 40% to know about it, you don’t get to be as invested.

3/5 Cups of coffee from me. Thanks so much to the Publisher and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for my honest review.

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