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The Soulless has woken from his centuries-long imprisonment. 

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Forest of Souls Review CLICK HERE

This sequel was one I had been anticipating for 2021 and it did not disappoint.

However, I kinda disappointed, like, what has my memory become? It took me skimming my notes to recall certain events that weren’t the ones that shook me at the end, but, totally worth it.

We essentially pick up where we left off. The events we ended on set Sirscha on this path that takes her even further from home than the creepy Deadwood. She’s headed to the Nuvalyn empire where they think her a soulguide and savior.

The intensity that is us readers waiting for that to come crashing down was crucial in making this an edge of your seat read. At any and every moment I expected something to happen to where Sirscha’s secret would be outed and instead it lulled me into a false sense of security for when it did happen.

Sirscha’s love for Saengo is still fierce in this and they are exploring the Empire together while still trying to juggle this new nuance because let’s face it, they’re still adjusting to the shift in their friendship. I loved seeing how this could be dangerous for them and how the stakes were raised because they were trying to keep Saengo’s identity (in regards to what she is to Sirscha) a secret. Once more. INTENSE.

I did miss having more of my favorite grumpy shadow prince. (Mostly because I connect with him on a spiritual level, he and I would be good grumpy buddies) And in fact I kinda missed most of the cast this book, there’s less Saengo as well but the moments with her are more intense, and I think the focus on this is on Sirscha.

Last book she had a lot of outward development, her powers, her identity. All of it was just thrown at Sirscha last book but this is where we get to watch her deal with all these reveals. She’s struggling and the weight of the world is on her shoulders and mistakes will be made.

And it’s beautiful.

The pacing was alright, a little disjointed here and there but by the ending you won’t care because once more we are shook by reveals and left waiting to see what will happen next book.

A little lacking on character interaction but so much world-building and lore were pushed at us that I ain’t even mad.

I love Sirscha and like the last book this wasn’t dealing with any romance, and I am definitely waiting to see how this will end for our besties. (Is there tension? Am I making it up because I want to take two barbies name them Sirsha and Saengo and make them kiss? Idk)

4/5 cups of coffee from me, really enjoyable read. I can’t wait for the third book.

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A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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