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Welcome to Caraval,

the games have only

just begun.


My Review

I read Legendary…*checks calendar* also last May.

*staring at self intensifies*

I’m too lazy to see my notes, so we’re going to wing this.

So. What do I remember off the top of my head? That this was better than Caraval for me, so I enjoyed this a lot more than book one though I definitely missed having more of Scarlett. In my opinion there can’t be enough of her and Julian. Like again, man she frustrated me so much in the beginning but by the end I really enjoyed her character.

Tella is such a different character so getting to delve into her more was neat. She definitely has her hands full, she was busy in Caraval, she’s even busier in Legendary. She has a game to win and the stakes are high. She has to find out Legend’s true name. Of course there’s a distraction named Dante and we have Jacks as well. Jacks is probably my most favorite of the characters in this world (which also explains why I have seven different copies of OUABH coming my way. Yea. I know. Idk what’s wrong with me).

I don’t know how I felt about Scarlett’s insistence to find her fiancé, I get the curiosity of course but it felt petty and I was disappointed in her a little for that considering what follows. However. It did make for some fun drama. (Seriously. least fave part in Finale, I will be talking about this)

The pacing was excellent in this book, I felt it probably had the best pacing and plot over all and whereas Caraval almost felt like a standalone, you definitely knew this was going to need a follow up.

*Consults madeup notes* Apparently I just wrote Jacks name with little hearts everywhere.

Honestly the twists were just as good as the first one and I LOVED that this had more intricacy regarding family aspects. We get to see more of Scarlett and Tella’s relationship and we get to dive into that from Tella’s side. We also are starting to get to know more about their family, to be specific especially their Mother. The air of mystery is slowly being lifted but also while adding 18+ layers more of mystery. We have The Fates, we have Legend, we have Scarlett’s own unraveling of secrets, and we have the game itself.


Dante’s role in this was certainly amusing, and though he adds to the Game and adds drama to Tella, I was getting the hint about his twist, and maybe we’re supposed to know while Tella is trying to figure it out. But the rest of the mysteries were certainly more ‘mysterious’ for me.

I enjoyed this one the most out of the trilogy and I guess in a way that makes it harder to review. The world-building is really expanding in this one as is the lore and those are always things I love to know more of when I’m reading about a world I really like. Pacing is great, characters are growing, and we are all unprepared for what is the last book called Finale lol.

You know what. It’s good, you should read it if you want. (Please do and love Jacks with me)

5/5 Huge cups of coffee from me! Next Friday I drop my Finale review and then release week I will be doing my eARC review of OUABH!

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