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Free Comic Book Day 2021

Hey guys! So Saturday was Free Comic Book Day and the spawn, nephew, and myself decided to hit up the local comic book store! They’d been doing a great job drumming up hype for it and we were pretty excited; spoiler, we were not disappointed.

Everyone was allowed 5 free comics each, but if you brought food for the local food bank you got 5 free extra, so 10 in total! We definitely brought some things along and it felt really good, even if we hadn’t gotten the five extra but it was pretty nice to get those as well. They had a costume contest going, a sale on some graphic novels, and even an author and artist signing!

Look how awesome!

Seriously look at that spread!

This was pretty much perfect to take the spawn to because she does prefer reading comics/graphic novels/manga to chapter books though she does read those too.

We do go to the comic store a lot these days, it’s a nice change of pace when we don’t leave the house too much and I like it for spending time with the nephew too. This store has a pretty awesome family atmosphere and the way they handled this was just pretty great.

I also loved grabbing Heart Hunter and having it signed by V. Gagnon (illustrator) and Mickey George (author). It ended up being a great read for me. (Unfortunately I was so tired when I met them that I was silent for probably the first time in history. Like crickets coulda been chirping.) My review of that will probably drop this week. Anyway overall this was my first chance doing free comic book day in person/with physical copies and I really enjoyed it!

Did you participate in FCBD or have you ever?

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