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Luck of the Titanic Review

Luck of the Titanic


Valora Luck has two things: a ticket for the biggest and most luxurious ocean liner in the world, and a dream of leaving England behind and making a life for herself as a circus performer in New York. 

Much to her surprise, though, she’s turned away at the gangway; apparently, Chinese people aren’t allowed into America.

But Val has to get on that ship. Her twin brother, Jamie, who has spent two long years at sea, is on board, as is an influential circus owner. Thankfully, there’s not much a trained acrobat like Val can’t overcome when she puts her mind to it.

As a stowaway, Val should keep her head down and stay out of sight. But the clock is ticking and she has just seven days as the ship makes its way across the Atlantic to find Jamie, audition for the circus owner, and convince him to help get them both into America.

Then one night, the unthinkable happens, and suddenly Val’s dreams of a new life are crushed under the weight of the only thing that matters: survival.

My Review

So. Stacey Lee. Here to break hearts. No apologies, no remorse. I know these authors are just making money off all our tears and pain, and yet, I will not stop reading these books.

This was such a great look at the Titanic, yes it’s been done, but so has everything for the most part, but, this was done with a different angle.

How many Asian cast members do you remember seeing in the Titanic movie? (And yes, I love that movie)

They were there though, whether they have been given media or pop culture attention or not doesn’t erase their presence and Lee brings the spotlight on that fact.

She’s giving us the story of those she imagined in their places and it’s so fabulous.

From a historically accurate point of view, oh my little research happy heart was so…happy. Seriously! This is so well researched and written from a historical point that I was enamored right from the start.

Stacey Lee also gives us such a fabulous MC. She’s a woman with a dream, a dream that people don’t see as acceptable for a woman and then she’s barred from the start if only because of what people see when they look at her, not caring if she’s British, that her mother would have been able to board without issues, but she could not. And we see and feel so much of that from her view and she is still so determined and wonderful, I love Valora.

Valora overcomes every obstacle and is reunited with her brother on the Titanic to only then keep pushing for more, she wants her brother, she wants their family to stick together and she adapts. She’s as flexible in changing her plans as she is as a performer and that brings a lot to the book.

The pacing is fantastic, we don’t spend too much time on any one day and yet I was completely in love with the whole cast of characters by the end.


Thanks for the heartbreak.

I mean I’m not going to give spoilers but there is one thing, I mean it is the Titanic, so, you know, don’t expect all happy sunshine rainbow unicorns.

A gripping and engaging writing style mixed with the pacing would have made this a great read but what put it over the top for me was Valora and her brother Jamie. Not to mention the side characters are so wonderfully fleshed out, they’re not just pieces to use by the MC and her brother, they are full characters in their own rights and I felt I knew them all personally by the end.

What with that ending, who needs enemies when we have well written heartbreaking books.

5/5 Cups of coffee from me. I would write more but I think I’ll just sob into a puddle instead. If you enjoy historical fiction at all, or are looking for something different to read, I highly recommend this one.

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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