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Videogames and Books #5


Another video game and books post!


Because I haven’t done one in a while and it felt right. There, solid reasoning.< I’ll just keep this cause it’s still true.



What are my current game plays?

Ghost of Tsushima

What did I recently finish?

Horizon Zero Dawn


What games and their literature will I focus on today?

Witcher III Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Wikipedia

Book Cover


Got this comic at the local comic shop  and I was really excited as I’d been missing the game!

I don’t have my copy of Witcher III to play and I’ve had some withdrawals lol luckily Horizon Zero Dawn and now Ghost of Tsushima have helped to fill that, but, I’m still dwelling on it and when I spotted this at the store and grabbed it, it reminded me how much I miss the game.

I did have to go on Comixology for the previous issues on ‘Fading Memories’

As excited as I was about this, I was a little disappointed. The story seemed super neat, the art is gorgeous, but there was SO LITTLE to it. And I’ve been reading Horizon Zero Dawn and enjoying those comics, so it wasn’t as if I wasn’t used to the shorter comic format. Not to mention I was a little annoyed with the ads taking up pages when I felt stilted already haha. STILL gorgeous art and I did like the story so I’m thinking I’ll keep to the digital editions and read it that way. 3/5 Cups off Coffee from me

I’ll be doing the Witcher more than once so I’ll not rate the game now. I am a huge fan of the fighting/weapons system of this game, and the world is just great. It’s so much fun to traipse through such an expansive open world. Not to mention the storyline is probably my favorite. Sometimes I get tired of huge open worlds but this one I’ve really enjoyed. Maybe Witcher just did it better.

I just hate the card game, Gwent. I hate pod racing in Star Wars, I hate card games in games, I hate mini-games because I am so atrociously bad at them.

Anyway that’s all for today, I’ll come back around to this game!



Do you all play any video games? Any ones you’re playing currently?


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