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Talking about my Slump

Thought I would share more about this slump that has had me more in semi-hiatus mode than ‘new minimal post schedule.’

I’m still reading, just, not with this desire to aside from the couple of books I’ve managed to finish.

I’m still here, I exist, but it feels like I don’t.

The books are there, and yet I’m disconnected from characters aside from Lost in the Never Woods and The Ones We’re Meant to Find which I was able to connect to on a very emotional level.

I cannot focus on things I love and right now that’s okay. I do hope to put out non review posts until I’ more comfortable with where I’m at right now. I will say I’m excited about launching DiverseUrShelf tomorrow (well today by the time this posts hits but it’ll still be middle of the night lol).

Check on my twitter for more information about that!

I’ve been reading more comics and some manga, just to keep myself at least opening something but my kindle is another reason I’ve slumped, I find I go off it quicker than physical books though I use it so much when I’m not in a funk.

Anyway, this post is absolutely nothing but it’s what I wanted to try, one step to getting back to where I’m feeling more like me.

Anyone else in a slump? Anyone have any tips or book recs? I love you all!

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

3 replies on “Talking about my Slump”

I feel like I’ve been in such a weird slump for the entire of 2021 thus far. Like I’ve read 4 books so far this year and just that has been a struggle in a sense. I’ve been diving into youtube, anime and other things as a form of escape at the moment instead of books. Mostly because I want to read them and be able to properly enjoy them, process the things that I’m reading instead of reading for the sake of reading I guess. That said something that always helps me is rereading all time favourites or picking up something light and fluffy…or you know diving into a new urban fantasy series. If I’m slumping I usually just let myself wallow in said slump but in order to get out of it I’ll gravitate towards urban fantasy and faster paced books. Sending you love, you’ve got this Haley! 💜

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