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Videogames and Books #4

Another video game and books post!


Because I haven’t done one in a while and it felt right. There, solid reasoning.


What are my current game plays?

Horizon Zero Dawn

What did I recently finish?

None, it’s been a crap time for gaming


What games and their literature will I focus on today?

Kingdom Hearts II

Book Cover


Kingdom Hearts II - Wikipedia


Got this manga at the local comic shop in their awesome used/clearance section and I was really excited as I’d been wanting to get this for myself and the spawn.

I’ve already played the three main games and some. of the ‘prequel’ game as well. This was all within the last year or so as well so my memory is decent for these games and their plots. 

The manga is EXACTLY like the opening for Kingdom Hearts II but with the added benefit that I didn’t have to do any of the little quests, just read the story play out uninterrupted. That also means though that if you were looking for something new, this wasn’t it. 

One of the things I love about Kingdom Hearts is the art and I was so happy to have a manga just full of gorgeous Kingdom Hearts art, and I also love the story too. I felt like it ended all too soon but it’s the standard length of a manga and I think I’m just greedy for more. 

I can’t really say too much on it that just isn’t given from the game, but if you’re interested in playing the game and on the fence, the manga may give you the answer on if you want to play as the story keeps true.

As for the game itself, this was such a hard game, not as hard as the first one for me, but man it kept me focused on it! There’s no getting bored when it feels like you’re flying by the seat of your pants 24/7. It also clarified a lot of things form the story in the previous game as well as set up really nicely for continuing on. It’s not a huge open world game but it is pretty big and I loved the different Disney worlds we visit. Game is a 5/5 for me, manga is 4/5, just because it was again nothing new. Can’t wait to read the next volume!


Do you all play any video games? Any ones you’re playing currently?


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