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Muslim Shelf Space Bookish Box Unboxing

Are you all ready for this amazing box??

This was put together by The Tsundoku Chronicles and, it is as I said, just, amazing.

Spoilers Ahead

Here’s the lovely spoiler card, and the list of GORGEOUS items!

These bookmarks are the freakin CUTEST ever and I adored Mirage, so much, that book was such a fantastic read.

We have a lovely Ayesha at Last art print on the right and City of Brass on the left

The Candle and the Flame booksleeve is probably one of my favorite items from this box, though it’s hard to pick a favorite when everything is so gorgeous

Love From A to Z notebook, I love that it’s lined, my handwriting is always so ridiculously crooked lol and this book is on my tbr to get to before the year ends!

The last candle from the Daevabad box smelled so good so I was excited to have another candle from Ember Stag, this one is from An Ember in the Ashes!

CHECK THIS GLORIOUS PIN OUT!! IT IS AMAZING, GORGEOUS, SPECTACULAR I AM IN LOVE!! The quote is ‘Together We Are Capable of Anything’ and it’s from We Hunt the Flame which I straight up would die for eery character in that book, so, this was a fave item for sure lol

This lip balm is inspired by The Bloodprint which is on my wishlist soooo…here’s hoping for Xmas lol but it smells great and is perfect to put on after I’ve taken off my mask and need to feel a bit pampered lol

I’m a straight up junkie for The Tsundoku Chronicles’s bookmarks, so, I am all too happy to add another to my collection and this one is from She Wore Red Trainers

The final item is this kick butt magnet with a quote from All The Things We Never Said

And here is the box in its glorious entirety and I love it so much ❤

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