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The Fourth Annual Book Blogger Awards: My Nominations



All of the graphics for this edition of the Book Bloggers Awards have been created by the wonderful Kat @ Novels and Waffles. A thousand, million thanks to her for her incredible work!!


The Book Blogger Awards were first created and hosted by Joce @ Write Through the Night in 2017. When she quit blogging in 2019, May @ Forever and Everly began hosting them, and starting this year, May and Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane are co-hosting!

Here are there posts detailing the information about the Fourth Annual Book Blogger Awards!

Marie’s Post

May’s Post





  • Romance
    Ruby @ Ruby’s Books 

    Ruby has a way of getting me to read books outside my norm, and they are romances, obviously, so kudos to her and I love her reviews on her romance books even if I don’t read them all! [Still not over reading Whiteout because of her!]


  • Best Book Reviews
    Olivia @ Olivia’s CatastropheOlivia always has some really sound reviews and brings up positives and negatives for each book, I love reading her reviews!
  • Best Book Recommendations
    Neelam @ The Tsundoku ChroniclesNeelam has destroyed my life in the best of ways by introducing me to the Daevabad trilogy and in general, she has an excellent taste in books so anytime she recs a book, I know it’s solid!
  • Best Discussion Posts
    CW @ The Quiet PondCW definitely has some AMAZING discussion posts, readathons, book recs, and more, but, I’ll highlight her discussion posts and nominate her for this category!
  • Best Blog Aesthetic
    Cam @ The Reader in the AtticCam has the witchiest of vibes and I love it!
  • Best Blogging/Writing Voice
    Rain @ Book DragonismRain is here again, always a delight to read this blog, such a strong writing voice and I look forward to following Rain for a long time!


  • Most Helpful (someone who posts thoughtful blogging guides/advice)
    Kal @ Reader Voracious
    Noura @ The Perks of Being NouraKal has AMAZINGLY SPECTACULARLY helpful blog posts and I have bookmarked so many of them and used them over and over again.

    Noura has a great DIY painting book edges post that thanks to Kal directing me to it, I’ve used it several times, it’s truly such a helpful post!

  • Most Supportive (someone who always shares others’ posts in wrap-ups/has kind comments/boosts other bloggers with initiatives, etc.) (((()))))Clo, Sophia
    Clo @ Cuppa Clo
    Sophia @ Bookwyrming ThoughtsClo always gives the best comments and is always so supportive! Seriously. So. Supportive.

    Sophia is also a commenting master! She really puts thought behind her comments, and I love it.

  • Most Engaged in the Community
    May @ Forever and EverlySeriously, May does it all, and I don’t know how.
  • Most Creative (creative/original posts)
    Isabelle @ Nine Tale VixenIsabelle has some fantastic posts! I’m such a huge fan of when she does her baking posts influenced by the books she’s read.  ❤
  • Best Social Media Influencer
    Michelle @ Michelle Likes ThingsMichelle’s insta posts and book blog posts always have me wanting to buy like every book she ever talks about.
  • Best Personality
    Sam @ Fictionally Sam Sam is a treasure, a gem, and I’m constantly in awe of how amazing she is.
  • Friendliest Member of the Community Ahana!!!
    Ahana @ Heart’s ContentI could not think of anyone friendlier than Ahana! Seriously, friendly to like level 110.
  • Best at Promoting Diverse Books CW
    CW @ The Quiet PondI mean, I think CW is one of the top people to affect my TBR, my shelves have diversified so much because of her.



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A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

9 replies on “The Fourth Annual Book Blogger Awards: My Nominations”

thank you so so much! being nominated once is a huge honor and being nominated TWICE is making me cry. thank you so much for supporting my blog even though i barely post anymore. my heart is overflowing it’s an honor to be nominated alongside these great bloggers 😭💖

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Thank you so, so much for participating in the awards and for spreading the love for some of your favorite book bloggers! So many bloggers here I love, and some new ones I can’t wait to check out! 🥰🥰

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