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The Resources Are There


I have been rather silent on some forms of social media, say Facebook, because I hate it, and on others, I’ve been sharing the information that TONS have made easily accessible, this is not a time to remain quiet on all fronts though. Our fellow humans need us, BLACK LIVES MATTER. AND THEY HAVE BEEN TELLING US NONBLACK FOLKS THIS FOREVER. Finally more and more are listening.

That’s a good thing.

What’s not good? Being too lazy to dig for information yourself and relying on others to do the work for you, especially those in the Black community.

I’m not talking about scrolling through Twitter and boom, you have learned something, and you are grateful for this. I’m talking about asking for resources when they are literally being dropped at your feet.

Want to know more about 2020 Black Author book releases? There’s GoodReads, don’t use GR? There’s Google. There are Twitter threads, there are Instagram posts, do you see where I’m going with this?

For the love of *insert whatever you want here* there are even BuzzFeed list posts for this.

But, I’m more here today to help share the resources that the amazing online community has been putting together. I’ll do this in sections, remember, I didn’t do the hard work to put this together, I’m sharing their hard work and the credit goes to THEM.

BLM Resources for Protestors, Donations, Petitions and More [Probably the most important URL on this list and it has resources that are aimed to Black and White/NonBlack (to help educate us and help those organizing things for BLM)]


Indi has also now transferred this information to an easier to read spreadsheet:

8CANTWAIT.ORG (Campaign Zero)

NorthernPlunder is one of the many Bookstagrammers helping to share the information that’s been put out there for us

Bowties & Books is amazing, her vigil last night was beautiful and heartbreaking, one of the MANY, and I mean MANY Black Bookstagrammers you can follow, it’s not her job to educate us, it’s not any of their jobs, but, still, they’re helping us learn and grow.


Mireille has put together this brilliant guide to ’10 Steps to Non-Optical Allyship, and you should follow her anyway.

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses


Just look up the hashtags, seriously, it is that damn easy, here are a couple of UK examples of like the billion posts you can use to support Black-owned businesses.



Want something more bookish?


Afrotech’s list of 10 Black-owned online bookstores


African American Literature Book Club: Black Owned Bookstores in the United States





How about some cute ass pins?


More Cute Ass Crafty Things


Etsy even has it’s own page for Black-Owned



I have now compiled a small list of what is out there, to show you all how easy it is to find these things. YOU NEED TO LOOK, We have to be active, or things will never change, or if they do, it won’t be because we did anything, and, really, that makes us complicit. GO LOOK. This is mainly at my fellow White/NonBlack people, but the resources are for everyone and I’m so grateful to every single person and site on this list.


Also, this is also going on in the world…We gotta make sure we pay attention.

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