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Happy Valentine’s/Galentine’s/Palentine’s Day



Hey guys, hope this Friday is a good one for you all!

Last year I talked a bit about Valentine’s, my husband and I don’t celebrate it, we don’t really enjoy the packed crowds and I buy chocolate as often as I want anyway lol. However, we do like to cheekily celebrate Kris and Haley day, which is tomorrow, we already headed to Waterstones to pick out books for each other. [Yay for buy one get one half off!]

As usual, Kris has his pick of two nonfiction, while I got two fiction this go. I’ll put pics of them on bookstagram tomorrow since we had to shuffle them out of our view. I also got the spawn a book, I guess like this is a bit of an aimless post but what I really want to say is, please don’t let Valentine’s get you down.

Maybe it’s easy for me to say because I have a partner and we just choose not to celebrate, but I never liked it beforehand. It always felt like a day where ALL love should be celebrated, not just romantic love, so I hated the ‘ploy’ of chocolates and cards that can only be done on one day a year. Not because I’m bitter, but because I think that this should be done whenever you feel like it. And, if you don’t have a partner, practice some self-love and care, take a nap, a bath, go do a chore that future you will thank you for later, read as much or as little as you want, and just know, that love is not just about romance and roses.

Happy reading, and if you have any Valentine’s comments/thoughts/stories to share, I would LOVE to hear them! And just know, you’re not alone, no matter what it feels like, but, it’s also perfectly okay to wallow and hate today with a fiery passion.

Read Brightly’s List of YA Romance Novels about Self-Love and Self-Respect

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Tomorrow is the first post in my #IndieSpotlight Series and in order to be in the giveaway, you just have to add the author’s book on GoodReads and show me the proof through a link or screenshot! I’ve got seven flashcards with both the ebook and audiobook of this first giveaway, donated to me by the author this go! This IS international!!

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