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Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

It’s that time of year again! Many people are looking at gifts, not everyone, but, if you are looking, here we go, I’m gonna try to help out!

**This is by no means sponsored and no one gave me free things or money to write up this list, so, I’m going to just toss out some ideas, no links and no prices or anything.**



Book Light.png

Now if you/your reader has a kindle with a booklight or mostly listen to audiobooks, this is probably not going to be the winning idea. BUT even me with my beloved Kindle Fire, still need a booklight.

This works great for my older kindle, and for my regular books and there are so many kinds of book lights available.



Book Light (1).png

Speaking of Audiobook peeps, there are a few ideas for them of course, but I’ve started off with something smaller, headphones. Idk about your reader/you, but I am notorious for going through headphones, mostly because I lose them, but still, maybe someone is in need of an upgrade or needs spares, or something. Another option that has a nice large price range as well so yay for that, especially if you’re poor like meeeeee.




Book Light (2).png

I love my kindles, and I love having a case or two to switch out for both of them. [The Kindle Keyboard is ancient but I will not abandon her while she liiiiives] So! Maybe you/your reader might appreciate a nice new look to their eReader! There’s plenty of options all over the net for these, and once again, you can find a lot of options for a good-sized price range.



Book Light (3).png

This could be a hit or miss, depends on the person’s love of candles. Personally, I love candles, and I had only really stuck to ones in chain shops before, but the great thing is being able to buy from small businesses in this one if you have the chance to! So many scents and it’s so much fun to look at all the different ones they have for the plethora of fandoms!



Book Light (8).png

Another favorite of mine!! Why? Because this is not just something you go buy/order, you can make these, they can be paper, wood, metal…have beads or glitter or prints. SO MANY OPTIONS and yes this is limited to the physical book readers, but, my mini made me a bookmark and I do love it. And just skim past this one if you need something more for the eReader/Audio reader.



Book Light (5).png

So, audiobooks can be a bit pricey, but, there’s always the option of buying some credits for audible or something else, or, if you’re old-school, you can buy some on CD. In my case, I did, but only because my Niece drives an older car so I got her a Stephen King audiobook on CD to listen to on her way to and from class.



Book Light (6).png

Ebooks are always a great option especially if you/your reader is primarily/solely an eReader person. You can usually find some really good deals on eBooks as well, at some point. I personally may have bought one or two for myself off Black Friday deals, but you’re not limited to sales that happen on Black Friday.



Book Light (7).png

Physical Books! It’s not the quantity but the quality that matters, and there’s always room in a book lovers life for ONE more book. [As we keep telling ourselves as we fill our shelves and rooms with them] This is another thing with a super-wide budget too, and in my case I got lucky, my sister and I like buying secondhand, and since she’s grown to have a taste for Sophie Kinsella books, through my charity shop hunts I’ve been able to get her about five books for Christmas for about 3.50



Book Light (9).png

Another for physical readers, and I’m sorry this list is so physical book reading heavy, please forgive me guys lol. But! Book Sleeves are handy, I love to use them for the trains as I keep my books in my bag and they always somehow get some dent or bent cover, no matter how carefully I put them in. Drives me nuts, may drive you/your reader nuts as well and this could solve their problem lol.




Book Light (10).png

So I know I already mentioned bookish candles, but, instead of going on with this list forever, I thought I would just say, aside from bookish candles there are a lot of bookish goodies you can get you/your reader. Mugs, for those who like hot beverages, notebooks/journals for those who like to be organized and take notes, pins and badges for the collector, and so much more. You can get bookish totes, pillowcases, tarot cards, EVERYTHING IS OUT THERE. But it’s not the price of the gift that counts, it is the thought, a handmade bookmark made from the heart is just as valuable as, say, a kindle.


Store Ideas

Here are some Small Businesses that may pique your interest

Tsundoku Chronicles Shop

Literary Galaxy Shop

Raging Bear Publishing Shop

Lauren James, Author’s Shop

Epik Page Shop

Amelia’s Kitchen Candles Shop

Icey Designs Shop [Author of We Hunt the Flame]

Books Breathe Magic Shop

Belle’s Book Sleeves Shop

There we have it! Your Book/Bookish Gift Idea list

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

15 replies on “Gift Ideas for Book Lovers”

Bookish candles and ereader covers are things I really love to receive every time! I actually am wary of people buying me books themselves because of the fact that I own many of the ones I want already… so I am always happy with bookish giftcards instead. :3

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This is such a great idea. I think you need to add that when buying gifts for book lovers, find out what their favs are so you buy them stuff they’ll like (sorry, my family keep getting me crap that’s stuff they’d like without thinking about whether I’d like it or not)

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I love those posts so much.. idk why though, as I don’t have anyone that’s a reader (except mom) so erhh xD aaha but hey, maybe some ideas of what I wanna ask?

Ah yes headphones! although i’m not an audiobook listener (still yet to try it..) — i’ve been thinking maybe I should get thoses big ones; maybe bluetooth & like, noise blocker all fancy …as let’s be real I kinda don’t wanna pay for them myself 😂 only fear is my ears hurting from squeezed between my glasses..
MUGS would be on my list, ahah bloggers/bookish would be perfect – I don’t have any of thoses yet (plenty of dogs though, and imma get more too ahah)

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Aaaah honestly I don’t understand how people struggle to buy for booklovers, like ignore the actual books you can get us anything bookish and we’d love it. Also the booksleeves I have from Books Breathe Magic, I have two paperback sized ones and one hardback sized one and the hardback size is actually big enough to fit my 2 in 1 laptop in which is pretty handy. (not that I go anywhere or would take it out in just the booksleeve but its very roomy)

We’re always telling each other “just ONE more book” till the cows come home and then when there’s no space on the shelves we find somewhere else for that ONE more book xD love this post ❤


Yes to everything here! I feel your pain about the headphones!!! I swear there’s some dark magic surrounding headphones, because I breathe next to them and they break. Lights. Yes to lights. Listen…. All my book lights are rude to me…every time I go to change the batteries it’s like they *know* they don’t have the original batteries anymore and they stop working. So please…as many lights as possible!

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