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Women’s Weird: Strange Stories by Women, 1890-1940 ARC Review


Early Weird fiction embraces the supernatural, horror, science fiction, fantasy and the Gothic, and was explored with enthusiasm by many women writers in the United Kingdom and in the USA. Melissa Edmundson has brought together a compelling collection of the best Weird short stories by women from the late nineteenth and early twentiest centuries, to thrill new readers and delight these authors’ fans.
Book Information:
Edited by: Melissa Edmundson
Release Date: 31, October, 2019
Price: £12.99
Format: Paperback and eBook
ISBN: 978-1-912766-24-6
Louisa Baldwin
Mary Cholmondeley
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Edith Nesbit
Edith Wharton
Francis Stevens
Elinor Mordaunt
May Sinclair
Margery Lawrence
Eleonor Scott
Margaret Irwin
D K Broster
Mary Butts

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My Review

**Handheld Press was kind enough to send me a copy after I expressed interest and I’ve given my honest review in exchange for my copy**

13 superb stories written by women, from a time they always didn’t get recognition, put together in a delightful book.

The stories are all unique and yet all have the same spooky/creepy vibe and this book is absolutely perfect for this time of year, but, also, just a perfect read in general.

These authors were in league with Richard Matheson to me and that’s saying a lot as I think he is such a King of creepy.

There are ghosts, hints of supernatural, cavemen, science, and even a story about a haunted saucepan. That was personally one of my favorites.; But that was a slight problem, every time I finished a story I found myself saying ‘oh that one has to be one of my favorites now’ and before I knew it, well, I had 13 favorite stories out of 13.

If I HAD to pick favorites it would probably be ‘Kerfol’ and ‘The Haunted Saucepan’ [Ben was the true hero of that story haha].

The cover is gorgeous, the stories superb, and really just made me so happy overall.

It’s a great collection, but also an important one, it’s so easy to just keep moving forward, as we should, but sometimes we forget to look back and dig up those who had their voices dimmed in a time that wasn’t as progressive [and let’s face it, no matter how far forward we get,t here’s always room for progress].

Each Author’s voice was unique and strong and there was not one story that I did not enjoy.

288 pages, the stories are well paced and each has you getting goosebumps and a sense of wanting to take a glance around the room as if to make sure no spectres have followed you out of the pages.

This book’s release date is TOMORROW. So, get to it, go order it if possible and if you think it sounds like the book for you. I mean if not, don’t let me bully you lol.

A five cups of coffee read for me, it’s going on my favorites shelf on my bookcase.

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