Stalking Jack the Ripper

I did it, I finally grabbed it off my TBR list.

Also, I picked the featured image from the French cover cause let’s face it, it is totally awesome.

So, what did I think?


Three cups of coffee…or tea, depending on my mood…chocolate has caffeine in it so guess it could be hot chocolate too. WHATEVER TICKLES YOUR FANCY.

Alright, I’m gonna bullet point this shit here, we’ll start off nice.

The Positives:
– Mansicalco gives us people with different sets of issues mental health wise that you normally don’t encounter. [Audrey’s Father, no this isn’t a spoiler, it’s set out from the get-go.]
– Nice descriptions of clothes, I really wanted to go buy some Victorian-era clothing after this and play dress up like it’s the late 1800s.
– Uncle J. Wadsworth is the man.
– Cousin Liza was the gift I didn’t know I needed
– I liked the ending for certain characters that I shall not disclose in case you haven’t read it yet.
– You don’t get many mystery YA so this was nice.
– The lab was cool

The Negatives:
– I disliked Audrey Rose from start to finish. Who describes their own hair as raven colored.
– I’m never a fan of first-person p.o.v. for a Mystery novel.
– Though I loved the descriptions of the clothes if I heard about that riding habit one more damned time I was going to snap like dear ol’ Jack.
– It was so predictable I guessed the whodunnit in the first 2 chapters, which, was a letdown but also it was nice cause I never figure things out guys, I’m not sure how I’ve made it this far in life.
– I didn’t like Thomas
– #TeamBlackburn, fight me
– The last-minute addition of something ‘supernatural’ was not fun, would have been better if she’d kept it out unless it grows in the other books, in which case, genius
– Audrey Rose was ….I’m sorry I already said I didn’t like her but I really didn’t like her. Except when she was focusing on her darker and ‘science-y’ thoughts.
– Thomas wasn’t charming. He was a prick. BUT I like that the author didn’t hide that this was a known fact lol so I guess this point cancels itself out.
– I hated Audrey Rose.

I could give you all lists of reasons why I didn’t like her but I hated and I mean hated how she felt she had to point out she liked pretty things and science and that both were okay only to be like ‘oh but I’m a tomboy and can’t possibly be like other girls though I just went gaga over some pretty fabric, because I have a scientific mind!’  Yea. Okay. You do you boo.

Overall I needed to remember that this was written for YA and it was quick, and, if I hated it that badly I wouldn’t be saying I plan on eventually reading the next one, and I do…eventually!

Solidly 3/5 so despite my complaints, there we have it!

Also if you enjoyed this book and want a more supernatural feel (no Jack the Ripper but still a bit of a mystery!), I recommend the Camille Duology!