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Just a General Update of Crap and Books

I wish I could have woken up feeling at least like I didn’t hate the world, but, not only did I wake up in my usual mood but I woke up at 4:25AM. THERE IS NO GOD/ARE NO GODS/I HATE EVERYTHING.

On that note, I was able to get some early ass morning reading done.

The Alienist is progressing, it’s a digital library loan so I actually have to really just pick up my feet and get to it, I’m enjoying it but it is essentially right up my alley so, no surprise. *I also watched the show on Netflix and loved it, but it is kind of a bummer to know the outcome, but also fun to see what’s different of course*

I’m reading an ARC (that’s not really an arc just a free digital copy) that I need to finish by the 5th but right now all it’s doing is causing me indigestion. Oh trust me you’ll hear more on that from me later and to be fair I’m like such a horribly non-critical book reviewer usually so, it’s gotta be somethin’ special for this chick to be like *Smashes head on desk*. A shame too because it has so much potential.

And five other arc/free digital copies to get to varying from like…next week to the 19th of February….Let me explain myself here

Have you ever gone to a buffet, saw all the gleaming, delicious treats and thought ‘Yes, I’ll take that and that and that….’ and your eyes were too big for your stomach?

This is me

I have done this and I have almost no regrets! You know, aside from the fact that I bit off more than I can chew, but I’ll get it done and if I don’t and drown in my own bad choices, you’ll know by the lack of posts as I’ll be dead somewhere, buried in a pile of e-docs. I would be boldface lyin’ if I said otherwise and please excuse my absence of the Gs on words, I am a trashy Southern Belle, I cannot be contained, jk, when I blog I type how I speak, trust me, when I write like a proper little thing, my Gs are there.

I need to read Stalking Jack the Ripper by 21 of February also and Becoming Obama is on my February TBR list and this doesn’t include things I just pick up, like a crow that sees something shiny, and start reading.

Anyway there you have it, I’m alive, my mug of tea is cold, I have used my plant’s dead flowers to make a pretty bookstagram picture, and I am going to go read more and pretend I got this handled.

Also, I’m looking for more blogs/bookstagrams/twitters/goodreads to follow, so drop a comment with a link!


By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

18 replies on “Just a General Update of Crap and Books”

Stalking Jack the Ripper is a fun read, and I’ve heard only good things about Becoming Michelle Obama, so hopefully you’ll enjoy them both!

also hi I’m Isabelle and I’m an ARC addict … Netgalley is really coming for my TBR and I’m so dreading writing up my State of the ARC meme blog post in a few days, it’s not gonna be pretty 😅

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Good luck with your reading! I also tend to go to a buffet of eARCs and just…leave my mind at the door :)) I haven’t tried Stalking Jack The Ripper, though I am intrigued by it. I’ll wait to see what you think of it before deciding if and when I’ll read it.

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