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Warrior of the Wild Preorder

Monday is my day of rest, I’m sure those of you who have mistakenly wandered onto this site were bereaved by the lack of post yesterday but never fear (also I just kinda post whenever the urge hits …so…there’s no rhyme or reason).

I did get stuff done though! I have a logo coming from the AMAZING May’s Illustrations.

That’s right, I’m gettin’ fancy with the damn spices and getting’ a logo from a super talented artist.

I also joined some book review sites, and I’m really excited to get to that.

Most of yesterday was truthfully spent pushing my bookstagram and I’m happy to say I’ve also gotten very excited about a new book coming our way that I saw while liking about two billion photos yesterday.

Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller is a YA book will be released in February/March to the masses the world over! An 18-year-old female warrior by the name of Rasmira has been betrayed, left exiled from her own people she has one choice to put her world back into order, kill the deity who takes tributes from her village.

Oh, that’s right, kick-ass 18-year-old Viking warrior chick is gonna go kill a god.

Interested yet? I was. I went to promptly preorder the book and to make it even more enticing, Tricia Levenseller has some pretty cool incentives for those of that preorder the hardback edition of her book (not kindle, sorry guys) by filling out a form here if you’re from the USA, not from the USA? Don’t worry, just look on the incentives link and she’ll tell you what to do if you’re an international customer. You get a quote magnet, signed bookplate, and a download of the first chapter with annotations by Tricia. So, if you’re a YA fan and like strong cool Viking heroines, head on over to the Amazon link I inserted up there ^ (or click here if you’re a US resident.)

If you’re not bothered with getting the incentives there are Kindle versions too for a bit cheaper price tag.

I myself? I’ve already preordered the book and I really just want March 1 to hurry up and get here already. Here, I’ll provide proof: 

screen shot 2019-01-21 at 7.04.06 am

Part of the reason I am doing this blog is that I have amazing writer friends and it would be great if I could just sing their praises and help them through their starving artist lives. I mock but I’m a musician….soo….I’m like an artsy hobo basically. 

I know this sounds like one big ad but I’m totally enthusiastic about this book.

Tomorrow’s (or whenever I get to it) post? Probably some shit about books and how I love them and how I’m running out of room for them, so stay tuned!

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A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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