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Metro 2033

Oh, Metro 2033, what can I say about you?

Blurb: Metro 2033 is a Dystopia-Horror book following the human race’s migration into the Russian Underground Metro where of course instead of all coming together after such a disaster they are as divided as ever, what’s more whatever is on the surface, which is certainly no longer human nor normal as far as the wildlife people once knew, might be making its way down to the Metro. Is there no hope and has the human race finally come to its expiration? There might be hope in Artyom.

Honestly, I can see where other reviewers had their gripes. For me, the pacing wasn’t slow, but I did have to slow down my reading of it because I do my reading in the dark of night, in my Bat Cave, and I don’t really want to push all-nighters at my geriatric age.

I admit Artyom was at times just the sort of person you wanted to take by the shoulders and shake as you screamed, “WHY ARE YOU THE WAY YOU ARE?!” Since you can’t actually do that, I’ve had to limit myself to muttering ‘why the fuck would you do that’ multiple times under my breath. Still, the great part was that he was young and he did what young people do; stupid things. [Side Note; I know this so well because I did many a stupid thing in my youth]

I don’t know how the rest of you felt but I came to care very much for quite a few of the side characters and I got a bit frustrated that sometimes you had no idea what happened (No Spoilers from me, Sweetie). I finished this back in November, probably when I should have written the review, but I did think Dmitry Glukhovsky did a great job putting terror into the reader without actually ever needing to put anything more than a hint. Though if you’ve read it and gotten to the Library bit, that place will forever haunt my nightmares.

This fit nicely at the time for me because I’ve been reading a shit ton about the Russian revolution and at the same time wanting to explore more Russian literature both classic and modern. I mean this isn’t exactly War and Peace, but it is a kick-ass novel that despite not being originally in English, translated into an amazingly written novel that I gave 5 stars on my Goodreads.

If you’re wanting to give a post-apocalyptic Russian Underground a delve, I suggest you go read Metro 2033.

BRING ON METRO 2034, 2019!


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