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Awesome Preorder Swag

So I’ve gotten some incredible preorder swag over the past couple of years of book blogging and to kind of do a fun post and shake out my slowly receding slump, I’m sharing some awesome swag I’ve gotten in the past couple of months!

Character cards/bookmarks and sticker

Fragile Remedy was one of my most anticipated reads for this year and I haven’t gotten to it yet but I expect to soon now that my slump really seems to be on the way out, and look at this gorgeous character art!!!

We Free the Stars US hardcover and Artprint

We Free the Stars, another SUPER anticipated read and it sits on my nightstand, taunting me because I am so terrified to read it lol. However this gorgeous print that came with my Interabang Books was totally worth the wait, I also got a free print from ACoBaF for We Free the Stars that I’ll show off another time. (Also! Faizal’s preorder campaign included the prettiest enamel pin as well!)

postcard and lipstick

The Mystery of Mrs. Christie is right up my alley, this book is about the time the actual Agatha Christie went missing, which is always a fun thing to read considering the Queen of Mystery became a mystery. Anyway this fresh fictional take on it is awesome, and I was super excited that it came with the loveliest red lipstick.

A Sky Beyond the Storm hardback, mug, and wooden box

A Sky Beyond the Storm, I ended up scoring the Fairyloot edition of the series but I did preorder this one and ended up selling it when my Fairyloot set arrived but I LOVE the preorder swag that came with this!! The mug and box are amazing and the inside of the mug is purple ❤

all the stars and teeth paperback, all the tides of fate hardback, character cards x4, character art poster, enamel pin of ship

So my preorder swag for All the Stars and Teeth had been lost in themail way back when but if you preordered the paperback for it, you got some swag, since I was getting All the Tides of Fate anyway, I did preorder the pb of All the Stars and Teeth and here before you is all the amazing swag it yielded!

Chain of Iron hit the shelves and I was really pleased that Walker Books did a matching bookmark to Chain of Gold <33

Book mark, art print, bookplate, and wax sealed letter

Sing Me Forgotten almost flew under my radar but I was so happy to find out about it through Novel Knight’s preorder swag page! And look at that bookmark!! <333

Clues to the Universe bookmark, art print, stickers, bookplate

Clues to the Universe: This was a buy to read with the spawn, and I am so happy because look at the bookplate, yes, that’s the spawn’s name! Anyway, we’ve started this slowly but surely and are really enjoying it.

Iron Raven character cards x2

Julie Kagawa opened my eyes to a whole new world with Shadow of the Fox, and I’m still new to a lot of her works but I had to preorder The Iron Raven and it was awesome!

The Sad Ghost Club comic street and Heartstopper Artprint

So this was a preorder, The Sad Ghost Club, where I got lucky and the Pub sent me a physical copy though I kept my kindle edition preorder (Most of my preorders are kindle edition). I got the book, the kindle edition, and the swag! Look how cute the comic strip is! And look at the Heartstopper art print!

Tales of the Hinterland art postcards x3

Tales from the Hinterland sounded like the step I needed to get into Albert’s works, and the fact it came with pretty art totally swayed me, so, here we are, just racking up kindle editions now.

A Dark and Hollow Star character bookmarks x4, bookplate, and extra bookmark

Once more stuck with a kindle editon and a physical, but, not mad lol. I was really interested in A Dark and Hollow Star and I’m hoping to read it this spring! Anyway look at this gorgeous book swag!!

Rule of Wolves artprint and enamel pin

I still have my reviews to post of the Grishaverse Trilogy, I haven’t read this duology or the SoC one, but, hey, at least I read some of this before it hits Netflix! I can’t get over how gorgeous the art is though!

Salt in our Blood tarot cards x3, mardi gras beads, bookplate sticker

The Salt in our Blood sounds like everything I want to enjoy in a book and seeing those gorgeous tarot cards, I feel like my gut instincts were justified in this preorder.

I loved the way this one sounded so much that I preordered two copies, one for my niece and one for me! The preorder swag for this was SO neat! I love that it was done up to be like the research that our MC is doing into the Cult, SO COOL.

Cloaked Shadows seemed fun and looking at the preorder swag, I jumped on board lol, another spring hopeful! I was so impressed by this swag, the button, the corner bookmark, map, bookplate, even an author letter, it was just so impressive!

Amelia Unabridged is really an emotional read and the art print captures the essence of the book perfectly, can’t wait to shout out about this in my review hopefully later this month!

Witches Steeped in Gold art print, sticker, book plate, bookmark, and gold coins x3, with thank you card

Witches Steeped in Gold is definitely something I intend to start reading as soon as it hits my kindle, and look at this perfect preorder!!…Gold chocolate coins may have already been eaten…

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