November Rewind

  TOTAL COUNT: 19 (Graphic Novels: 13) My Other Posts NONE I DID NOTHING AGAIN In Other News: Depression blues, just imagine me playing a harmonica and rattling my kindle against the bars of my inner-turmoil in my mind. Now, what’s on for next month? BAHAHA WHO KNOWS How was your month? Any good reads?


September 2021 Fairyloot Unboxing

THAT’S IT. I’VE CAUGHT UP *MANIACAL LAUGHTER* (Keeping this here cause it’s still relevant) This month’s theme: Uprising The tarot cards are still inspired from Caraval and guess who squealed in delight? THIS GIRL. I’m pretty happy, like, between these and the book, I coulda just had those alone. (Jacks and Fallen Star) The Prison […]

Book Review

March 2020 Fairyloot Unboxing

    Are you ready for the unveiling?? *REMEMBER, SPOILERS AHEAD*     THE PRINT. Lol, I liked it so much that I already put it together in a small collage I’m hoping to frame, but I circled my grainy picture so you can see it lol.   The Author letter, bookmark, and the Fairyscoop […]