June 2021 Fairyloot Unboxing

I’m actually catching up! Here’s June’s unboxing!

This month’s theme: Animal Companions

The tarot cards are inspired from Kingdom of the Wicked but my Spoiler card lied and said they were from Serpent and Dove and I believed it because Idk I still haven’t read Blood and Honey and thought I was in the dark plot wise lol

This was a book pot…which…I mean just looks like a sad coffee mug with no handle. It did have the drainage part at the bottom, so clearly it is a pot, but, I kinda just didn’t care about this item and it’s another Maas thing. Though Crescent City instead of ACOTAR or TOG. Already sold it lol.

Pillowcases cause you all know how I feel about those. But the joke is on me this time, I tried to sell them and really was having no luck, I went ahead and used them. Kinda dig them with my like salmon sheets so here we are. But. I hate pillowcases still even if these were proper ones instead of couch cushion sized. This set was inspired by The Raven Cycle which I haven’t read.

There’s a protective plastic film on it so that’s why it looks a bit weird/has an odd texture. This acrylic figurine is from Kingdom of the Wicked but I don’t do acrylic figurines so I did end up selling this. Love the doggo tho.

I love Ghibli, and I love Kiki’s Delivery Service also this fits the animal companions theme perfectly. I was super happy about this pin and my spawn adores Ghibli SO MUCH so I gave her the pin and she was over the moon lol.

And then there’s this beauty!!!! I love bookmarks and this was probably my favorite item from the box. It’s inspired from The Priory of the Orange Tree which never has enough merchandise in my opinion and it’s by N0One Designs which I buy a few pins from so I was excited for this.

Author letter and bookmark!


A very cute book overall! I liked the yellowed edges and yellow naked cover and the embossing was pretty!! I did read this with the readalong, was a good, fun, read but not without its issues and I should hopefully post my review of it this coming week!

So what did you all think? Did you get this box or really enjoy/hate any of the items?

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