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January 2021 Fairyloot Unboxing

Guess who somehow put up February’s unboxing but never January’s? THIS TIT.

This month’s theme: Greek Mythology!

The tarot cards are inspired from Renee Ahdieh’s The Wrath and the Dawn which I’m still stoked to read. I have read The Beautiful and The Damned and loved those.

Really cute iron-on patch, I don’t do these really but it’s Medusa and I’ve gotten one or two patches in general that I like so I’m thinking maybe I’ll give in and sacrifice some fabric for them. But, definitely a weak item in a box for me.

I hadn’t heard of this book, no plans on reading it, but I’m always a big fan of kitchen items so I totally dig the spatula and the quote is cute! (Book is from Lovely War)

Eros & Psyche, I adore this trinket dish and I feel like I’ve gotten some good ones since subscribing to book boxes.

So this is possibly the prettiest bookmark I’ve ever gotten in a box! It’s enamel!!!! And it has Athena!!! I LOVE THIS

How perfect to have a Circe inspired item in this box and this booksleeve is gorgeous! The art is beautiful and it’s super cushy to protect the books…also…has a zipper which always is a plus for me.

Why is this blurry? My phone is getting old so if I breathe when I take a pic…this happens and I didn’t realize it and now I’m not retaking it, so, sorry guys. It’s just the Percy Jackson item which is a print. I’m starting to feel I’m getting too many prints lately though this is cute!

*Whispers* Yet another shaky picture. I am so sorry guys and will do better I sweaaaar But here’s the author letter! Now! Onto the book!


Loved the foiling on this one and the reverse art as well! I missed out on the readalong but hopefully I’ll get to it this year. Apparently there’s a quote on the spine I missed out on so I might add a photo of that later! Also you can never go wrong with snakes on covers for me lol

So what did you all think? Did you get this box or really enjoy/hate any of the items?

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A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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