February 2021 Fairyloot Unboxing

Let’s get to the good stuff!!

This month’s theme: What the Future Holds

The tarot cards are inspired from Elizabeth Lim’s Spin the Dawn and I AM SO EXCITED FOR THESE. I need more Spin the Dawn stuff in my life. Seriously.

This pin is gorgeous but I haven’t read the Villains series by Schwab, I’ve only read Addie LaRue by her, so I’m debating on keeping this one.

The Lunar Chronicles is still on on my tbr but man all the candles inspired by it smell so good and this is no different. LOVE the scent and already lit it up a few times.

Guys. Look. Another pillow case. So…excited………… (Please, send help, no one wants these things and they’re slowly taking over my life)

Another nifty travel cutlery set! I only took one out because I am trying to sell it. I love it, but I use another they sent last year, so, I figure maybe someone else will want this more. It’s inspired by Marie Lu’s Warcross, which I thought was awesome.

Do I need more fairy lights? No. Do I want them? Yes. I love these crescent moon shaped fairy lights and they’re going on my shelf lol

The author letter print and monthly bookmark!


Loved the naked cover art on this one and the reverse art as well! I really looked forward to reading this one. ❤

So what did you all think? Did you get this box or really enjoy/hate any of the items?

1 thought on “February 2021 Fairyloot Unboxing”

  1. Great unboxing Haley, and if you don’t keep the Villains pin I will happily buy it from you 😀

    I hadn’t heard of this book at ALL, which considering how all out they went with the FL edition is a little weird? But my god the naked cover. *pets it*

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