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Illumicrate Archives: The Poppy War Unboxing

I can’t even explain how excited I am to share this unboxing with you all. This trilogy is freakin’ heart crushing so of course I love it so far (still need to finish the last book) and I ordered this as soon as it went up. Given how the mail is quite slow all over the world I really stretch out when I put up my unboxings. So, here we go, let’s get this one started!

Already digging the kinda inverted color vibes here…

I feel like the aesthetics just from this small peek tells me it’s going to be spot on for The Poppy War

I CANNOT STRESS HOW MUCH I LOVED THE PIN AND BOOKMARK. I’d never had a bookish item from the pin creator but HerPaperWorld has great bookmarks so I was already excited to get an item from her, but holy cow that pin is freakin STUNNING.

*SOBS* Look how gorgeous this art is, LOOK AT IT. I don’t even know that I have words for how gorgeous everything is. Speaking of, I’m about to show you all the books and I’ll do them just like as a gallery style below, and I have no words, the reverse art, the edges, the naked covers, all of it was a 10/10 for me. This whole box was 10/10.

There we have it, the three books in all their gorgeous glory, dust jacket covers, naked covers, beautiful edges, and the reverse art on the dust jackets. I am so happy to share this gorgeous set with you guys!

Have you read any of this trilogy yet? Did you like the job Illumicrate did?

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