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Blood Metal Bone – Blog Tour

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Her destiny was death. The shadows brought her back.

Wrongly accused of her brother’s murder, Sonara’s destiny was to die, sentenced to execution by her own mother. Punished and left for dead, the shadows have cursed her with a second life as a Shadowblood, cast out and hunted by society for her demon-like powers.

Now known as the Devil of the Deadlands, Sonara survives as a thief on the edge of society, fighting for survival on a quest to uncover what really happened to her brother and whether he is even dead at all…

My Review

I loved the blurb for this, sounds like the sort of book that you just need to mix in with ‘lighter’ ones. I’d been on a mini contemporary binge so I was looking forward to this book.

What I did not expect was the genre-bending! Starting with a standard fantasy, I was jiving with it and then. BOOM. Sci-fi! Not And well, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that but I was definitely intrigued to hear about the sci-fi character’s plight so that kept me interested as well did the writing style which was easy and engaging to read.

There was also a bit of a western hint at it all with characters wearing dusters and brimmed hats. I’m still not sure if I really felt that extra twist was needed when I’m still adjusting to Game of Thrones meets Star wars but I was definitely appreciative to this all being new for me and out of my comfort zone.

The characters all have mysterious and cool powers/magic/curses and the plot was definitely enough to keep me engaged through the whole book, but, it wasn’t strong enough to make me say I LOVED the book, just for me to say ‘hey this was new, I tried it, wasn’t the worst.’ I think part of that issue was the fact that I also just didn’t get to know the characters very well past the first impressions basis and that made it all fall a little flat for me.

Still! Definitely creative, definitely a bold move and I can give props for that. I also think this was a great book for those who are looking for those genre-mixing books, looking for something new to add to their shelves.


Bold, new and engaging!

Thanks so much to the publisher, HQ, and NetGalley for an eARC in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the blog tour.

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