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September 2020 Fairyloot Unboxing

Remember, September Fairyloot spoilers ahead!

What’s in this booooox?


Gues who is a complete Atlantis nut? This giiirl, so, like I was overly happy with this post card, and I was so excited for this theme!


The Nevernight trilogy, this is where I once again repeat how I need to get to it and it’s on my tbr.


Do I need anymore pencil cases? No, no I don’t. But! I liked this one so much I wasn’t even ‘mad,’ so I figure I’ll keep this one to use for my fave bookmarks!


So I am not a fan of the paper straws, but, I am a fan of what they represent so I would NEVER complain about using them, but these now mean I can use metal ones, and the best part is they not only are super pretty with cute little sayings, but, they come with a baggy and a cleaner (like a baby bottle cleaner but just the right size for these straws) already used them too *drops mic*

Haha so this is exactly the type of brush I use, and the only type of brush I can use on my crazy hair, and it must always be BEFORE I shower unless I want to look like Carrot Top’s long lost sister, so, I was really happy to get this one, but, I’m hiding it for now because I know the spawn will see it and try and steal it *shakes fist*


*Cackles* I LOVE THIS! Also, though it’s a large keychain, it is thankfully not as heavy as the last one FL included (I could seriously take out a giant with the weight of my keychains alone) And who doesn’t love this song?! *has been humming it every time she looks down at her keys*

Here’s one of my fave items so far! The To Kill a Kingdom mug! What does the quote say? Idk, I’ve forgotten and the mug is safe in it’s box and my eyes are too old to make that out, so, I’ll get back to you all on that lol


Just showing you this lovely author letter…


Are you ready for the book?

Not only is the book gorgeous, it is shimmery, the cover is son unique and pretty, and, it’s shimmery. Oh, okay I already said that but here me out, look at it!! And also, I read it, and loved it!

Did you get this one? Did you like any item in particular?

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

3 replies on “September 2020 Fairyloot Unboxing”

All these things look amazing, especially that mug! I really love that book and those edges 😍
I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s on my TBR and I actually got a copy of it in a book box I had ordered so looking forward to reading it!

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