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The Night the Reindeer Saved Christmas – Bookstagram Tour



It’s almost Christmas Eve and the rockets on Mr Claus’s sleigh have exploded! With just hours to go, Mr Claus sets out to find a creature that can help him deliver Christmas gifts across the world.

The polar bears are strong, but they’re too sleepy. The narwhals are fast, but the presents get too wet. The reindeer might just be the perfect creature to help… especially when Mr Claus discovers that the females have a secret… they can fly!

Illustrated by Kasia Nowowiejska, this charming picture book was inspired by the little known fact that Santa Claus’s reindeer are female, as only female reindeer keep their antlers during the winter!

Book Details:
Title: The Night the Reindeer Saved Christmas
Author: Raj Kaur Khaira
Illustrated by: Kasia Nowowiejska
Genre: Picture Book
Publication Date: 1st October 2020
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Studio Press
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My Review

I am still obsessed with Christmas stories and I enjoy reading them with my spawn, so, of course I signed up for this.

The book is stunning the art is GORGEOUS and, wait for it, this is a pretty awesomely diverse book.

Santa isn’t the same skin tone as the fur of an Arctic fox and Mrs. Claus is Black, and I adored that because there’s no reason NOT to make these characters diverse other than ‘tradition’ also we have a delightfully diverse cast of elves as well.

This is the story of Santa and his ‘crew’ prepared for Christmas eve only to be shocked by disaster just as they let their guard down! Santa’s rockets that make his sleigh fly have been broken by some rogue tinsel! What are they to do?

Never fear though, Mrs. Claus has an idea, why not audition the natural wildlife to see if any are up to the task of saving Christmas?

It almost looks like an audition for a talent show and it’s so delightful, I can imagine that it would enthrall children, I know my daughter got a chuckle out of the polar bears and loved the narwhals.

When it seems there’s no solution, Santa needs to take a walk to clear his mind and that’s when he finds an unexpected answer. Flying reindeer! Going to talk to the young reindeer he’s stumbled upon, they take him to their Father who has another surprising reveal, while he himself would love to help Santa, male Reindeer don’t fly as they have no (magical) antlers and only the girls can help save the day!

So, again, great little twist, the female reindeer save Christmas and Santa gets to know that the children won’t be disappointed.

A really delightful story, I just wish there had been more of the reindeer and the act of saving Christmas, but, this book teaches children (and adults) some great facts about the animals Santa would live around and provides beautiful illustrations with the festive story.

4/5 cups of hot chocolate from the spawn and I! Thanks so much to Bonnier Books and Kaleidoscopic Tours for a copy of this beautiful book in exchange for my honest review as part of the bookstagram tour (which I decided to also add as a blog post as well)

Inside the Book

Both Images: © Kasia Nowowiejska

About the Author

Raj Kaur Khaira is a lawyer, author and activist, with degrees in Biology, Political Science and Law living in London. Raj trained as a lawyer at one of London’s top firms and now advises start-ups on how they can expand. She is one of few ethnic minority women in the UK to have held a role in the c-suite of a tech start-up.  Raj is the author of a non-fiction compendium of amazing women: Stories for South Asian Super Girls.

She is also the Founder of the Pink Ladoo Project which encourages South Asian families to abandon the sexist custom of only distributing sweets to their community when a boy is born. The Pink Ladoo Project celebrates the birth of girls with sweets, too. The campaign has attracted tens of thousands of followers in South Asian communities across the UK, Canada, the US and Australia. It has rapidly become one of the most prominent feminist movements for South Asian women.

About the Illustrator

Kasia Nowowiejska studied painting at The Fine Arts Academy in Gdansk, Poland and has worked on a diverse array of projects from picture books and backgrounds for animated short films to iPad apps and commercials. She has a background in graphic design and commercial animation. Her passion for illustration has led her to pursue a career as a freelance artist. The most pleasant thing for her is to draw and create for the youngsters. She is a seafood lover, an adopted dog owner and truly believes in natural horsemanship. She currently lives in Gdansk, Poland with her husband Filip and wonderful daughter Helenka. 

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