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July 2020 Fairyloot Unboxing

Still fighting this atrocious cold, so, here I am, grumpy, actually cold, and ready to share pretty pictures with you all before crawling back under my rock.

Let’s get to it!

Remember, July Fairyloot spoilers ahead!

What’s in this booooox?

Again so pretty, again, not a clue about these characters.

Another trilogy I absolutely adore is The Winternight Trilogy so, getting this art print was really so great, I love it *heart eyes and some drooling here*

I always love a good smelling candle, and regardless of not reading the book(s), this is a pretty good smelling candle!

It’s cute, but, I don’t see me using it, so Idk, I may get rid of this, though I could see it coming in handy for traveling! So who knows!

The author did such an amazing job with designing the cover and then she ups and gives us these freaking amazing matching bookmarks! I love them!

I understood this reference! Haha, it’s always exciting to know what fandom an item is for! It’s also useful, I’ve used it to put my smaller book box candles on and I think it looks so nice! Yay!

‘Through love all is possible’ I still have to read Crescent City but I actually really like this pillowcase regardless, it’s now on my reading chair cushion!


Are you ready for the book?

Black Sprayed Edges too!

I actually like the blue of the original cover, but I still really like this edition! ❤

There we have it, the July 2020 Fairyloot Unboxing!

Did you get this one? Did you like any item in particular?

By TheCaffeinatedReader

A Caffeinated Reader and Musician, destined to write lacklustre book reviews with the over-ample amount of free time.

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